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Hello Expectant Parents!


Our names are Sarah and Brady from New York. We are excited that you are reading our profile and taking the time to get to know us. We can’t imagine how difficult this decision must be for you and we truly appreciate that you are considering us as adoptive parents for your child.


We live in New York State and have been together for over 10 years.  We have a relationship which is based on mutual respect and care for one another and we are excited to share those values with a child. We have two wonderful dogs who have taught us a lot about family, the importance of playfulness, and what roles each of us would have as parents!


We met in college participating on our (rival!) debate teams, and so we value social and political awareness and civil discourse. We enjoy being outside, attending baseball games, and spending time with family and friends. Brady brings movies, music, and spontaneity into our lives, while Sarah is usually the voice of reason and an incredibly loving partner.


We would love the opportunity to speak with you (and hopefully to meet you) so that you can learn more about us.  In the mean-time, please read on!


How We Met


We met through collegiate debate – we debated for rival teams and, Brady insists, Sarah won the only debate we ever had. When Brady came to Sarah’s college for his master’s degree, it was love at first sight! After a year of long-distance dating, we moved in together and immediately adopted our first dog! She would eventually walk down the aisle at our wedding!


Our Life Together


After ten years together, and six married, we now have two dogs, five fish, and a boat-load of houseplants. We live in a close-knit neighborhood in a small city and enjoy participating in community events. We both value social justice and love opening our home to friends and family whenever we can. We enjoy being silly with each other and have numerous inside jokes that we use to find the humor in almost any situation. We strive to be extremely supportive of each other’s goals and have complementary strengths.



We want to adopt based on one core principle we share: to provide a child a fulfilling, happy life. We decided that adoption is ideal for us since we get the opportunity to offer support to both birth parents and child. Having grown up with an adopted brother, Brady already has a strong appreciation for adoption and how rewarding and successful it can be. Sarah’s commitment to social service means she has devoted her professional life to helping others in need – she sees this as an extension of that life path.


Sarah Introduces Brady


Brady is the most fun person I’ve ever met.  I know that wherever we go and whatever we’re doing, it will be fun and we’ll laugh along the way.  Brady brings spontaneity and creativity to our relationship. Without him, I wouldn’t go on long bike rides, participate in social justice demonstrations, see nearly as many movies, and generally wouldn’t be as goofy or silly.  Brady is highly compassionate, cares deeply about economic and social justice and is excited about passing that down to our children. I can’t wait to see Brady become a father because I know that he will impart a balance of fun and empathy on our children so that they become happy, creative, and well-informed members of their community.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do


Brady is director of the speech and debate program at a major university. He has had many opportunities to teach children of all ages and abilities in his own community. Brady has a very flexible schedule, summers off, and can often work from home.


Brady Introduces Sarah


Sarah is the kindest person I’ve ever met. She will be the sort of mother who surprises her child with a hot air balloon ride for their birthday – she did the same for me! Sarah is thoughtful when it comes to grand gestures, but even more thoughtful when it comes to everyday living. She works hard to do her part to improve others’ lives, both at work and with her family and friends. Top that off with a fun, playful demeanor that is always game for some goofing off, and you get a loving, dynamic, and light-hearted person who will work hard every single day to bring joy into her childrens’ lives.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do


Sarah has spent her whole career working in social services, helping refugees, the homeless, veterans, and low-income people achieve fulfilling lives.  She has always enjoyed learning about people who are different from herself.  Currently, she is a director of a program that works exclusively with parolees who are working hard to turn their lives around.


Our Home and Community


We live in a small city in upstate New York.  We have owned our own home for two years and are excited about bringing children into it.  Our home is filled with books, movies, plants, and two dogs!  We spend a lot of time relaxing in our fenced-in backyard hosting cookouts and roasting marshmallows.  We are active in our community and love attending summer festivals.   We are lucky to have a school, playgrounds and several parks close to our home.


Meet Our Pooches, Ive and Russell


We rescued Ivy, right after we moved in together nine years ago.  She is very friendly, and the only thing she loves more than children is napping in the sun.  When we moved into our house we rescued Russell to give Ivy a sibling. He’s a two year old, energetic dpg who loves playing fetch and hanging out with the family.


Meet Our Family


We both come from close-knit families. Sarah has two parents and an older sister, who is married with two children, ages 7 and 5. While Sarah’s family lives in another state, we try to see each other for family trips (to Disney World and a cruise to Mexico, for example) and major holidays. Brady’s family lives closer to us with his Aunt and two cousins living in the same city. We often have family dinners, mostly to celebrate either a birthday or holiday. Brady’s father and step-mother, half-brother, half-sister, and adopted brother live a few hours away, but we make an effort to see them often. We also both have a very close group of friends from college who we try to see frequently, making road trips around the country at least a couple times per year. All of our friends and family are excited and supportive that we are adopting and they are ready and willing to volunteer to babysit!


Our Hopes and Dreams For Our Family


We intend to include our children in everything we do. We want to raise children capable of experiencing great joy and with great confidence to go out and be whoever they will become. Brady wants to share the confidence and fun-loving spirit he inherited from his mother, while Sarah wants to extend her own family values of empathy and love, shared with her mother and sister who also work in social services. We commit to respecting and embracing your child’s cultural, ethnic, and racial identity as much as we can, whether that means connecting with our own diverse communities or celebrating important cultural holidays. We also commit to having an open and honest dialogue about your child’s origins as an adoptee. We promise that we will fill our home with fun, creativity, and love. We also intend to pass on Sarah’s famous family buttermilk waffle recipe – which will surely be useful on Sunday mornings for filling our home with breakfast smells!


In Closing


We cannot possibly understand how difficult it must be to decide to make an adoption plan for your baby – that is why we strongly commit to maintaining a level of openness with you. We intend to keep you updated with pictures, videos, and letters so you can be assured your child is in great hands. We are so grateful that you are considering us to be the adoptive parents of your child. One of the first things we agreed on when we got married was that we both wanted to become parents. If you choose us you will be fulfilling that dream. We would be so happy to repay that gift to your child for the rest of their life.


Thank You again from the bottom of our hearts! Sincerely, Sarah & Brady

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