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Hello! We are Christina and Blake from New Jersey


Dear Birth Parents: Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We admire your love and courage in choosing adoption for your baby. We imagine that this can’t be an easy decision and we will make sure that your child knows that this was a decision made out of love. We’ve been praying for you every day since we decided to adopt and will continue to.


We are so grateful that you would consider us as adoptive parents and can’t wait to meet you! We are so excited to welcome a child into our home and are thrilled at the opportunity to do this through adoption. Our extended families are also overjoyed and can’t wait to welcome a new little one into our family.


How We Met


We met through mutual friends while we were both living in New York City and instantly connected. We bonded over our faith in God and our love of the outdoors and had a great time exploring NYC together! We got married in 2015 and have a strong, loving, stable marriage. Blake has deemed Sunday family day and always plans a fun day for us. This usually involves a hike at a state park followed by a visit to our favorite local ice cream shop and often a game of tennis if the weather is nice. We also often spend time with Christina’s family on the weekends (and our nieces and nephews can’t wait to meet their new cousin!)


A Closer Look At Us!


We knew that we wanted to start a family but struggled with infertility. Although this was a tough time, one big blessing for us in the infertility journey was that we found out pretty quickly that we wouldn’t be able to conceive. This gave us the chance for closure and to start thinking about other options. We had discussed the possibility of adopting long before we even knew about our infertility and are so grateful to be able to grow our family in this way!


Meet Blake, by Christina


Blake is an awesome combination of serious and hilarious! He is always making people laugh and will make up goofy songs to cheer me up if I’ve have a rough day. Blake is very serious about his Christian faith and prioritizes this along with becoming the best person he can be. He truly is the best husband I could imagine; he is thoughtful, gentle, very perceptive, kind, and generous. I can’t wait to see him as a dad because I know that he will be totally devoted to our children and share his big heart with them.


Blake is very athletic and played sports through college (mainly volleyball, which is a good fit because he is very tall!) My nephew is always thrilled when Uncle Blake comes over because he knows he’ll have someone to play basketball with. Blake has an extroverted side and loves spending time around friends and family but also appreciates quiet time to read and write.


About Christina, by Blake


Christina and I clicked from the first moment we met because of her beautiful smile, sense of humor, and tender heart. I consider myself to be one of the most fortunate people in the world for having such a loving wife. There’s no doubt in my mind that she will love our children with every ounce of herself.


Christina has a delightful “goofy” side and she likes to keep things lively around the house by jumping out of unexpected places and trying to scare me. She’s also handy around the house and enjoys putting together bookshelves and is currently building a coffee table with her father.


She enjoys hosting our friends and cooking delicious meals, which she’s developed quite the reputation for. Everyone always wants her recipes!


Christina is always looking for opportunities to spend time with her nieces and nephews and is almost always the first adult to join in whatever activities the kids are up to. She is wonderful with them and they all love their Aunt Christina!


Our Home and Community


We love living in New Jersey. We currently live in a condo which we love. Our complex has a beautiful pool and lots of green space and many couples here have young children. We are planning to buy a house in the next year or two but for now love where we are! It’s in a pretty suburban area and has great parks nearby.


Our 9-5’s


Christina is a nurse practitioner in women’s health and loves what she does. About half of her work is typical women’s health and the other half is with patients with gynecologic cancer. She especially loves working with cancer patients who are going through a scary time since it gives her the chance to try to make a tough situation a little bit better. Christina plans to work part time (two days per week) or stop working once we adopt.


Blake works as a software developer and has been working to develop iPhone apps for the past few years. He enjoys his work and the challenge of figuring out how to create a new feature or fix a problem. His job is very flexible and has predictable hours which makes for a great work-life balance.


Things We Love To Do


We both love spending time outdoors, whether it is hiking, playing tennis, or grilling by the pool. Christina’s family has a lakehouse in New York which is a great spot for a weekend getaway in the summertime! It’s up in the mountains on a beautiful little lake and we often go up there with our siblings and cousins for some quality family time.


Christina loves cooking, baking, and hosting dinner parties and holiday get togethers. She likes endurance sports, especially running and cycling. Christina grew up in a very musical home and loves playing music (lately it’s been piano but she grew up playing flute and guitar.)


Blake likes playing sports with friends or our nieces and nephew and is looking forward to passing this along to our children! He is an avid reader and writer and has a blog, which is a great creative outlet for him.


Meet Our Family


Christina’s family all live within an hour drive from our home and we are grateful that we get to see them often! Christina has a twin sister who just got married in the Spring and an older sister who is married and has three children (two girls and a boy). Christina’s mom babysits her grandchildren and hopefully will be able to do the same for our children. We couldn’t ask for a more loving or supportive family!

Blake’s family all live in California which is where he grew up. He has three sisters and one of his sisters has two sons. We get to see them all at least once a year, either for Thanksgiving or Christmas. It would be great if they were closer but California is a beautiful place to visit (especially during the winter when it’s cold and snowy here!)


Our Faith


Our Catholic faith is a central part of our marriage as well as our lives individually. Christina was raised Catholic but Blake became Catholic while he was in college. We go to church together at least once a week and have a wonderful church community with many young families. We volunteer with our church, both in religious education and homeless ministries. Our love for God is part of our daily lives and conversations and is a source of strength and joy in our family.


Our Final Thoughts


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are honored and humbled that you would consider us to raise your child. We don’t know the situation you’re in but can imagine that choosing adoption is not an easy decision. We are inspired by your courage in choosing life and promise that your child will know of your love and sacrifice.


We plan to be open with your child about adoption from the very beginning and want to share pictures and letters with you and have you be a part of their life since you are such an important part of who they are.  We have been praying for our future child and his or her birth parents every day since we decided to adopt and will continue to do so. We would love your child to join us in our prayer for you as soon as they are able!


We cannot wait to become parents and to show this child unconditional love. We want them to feel safe and cherished as a part of our family and to help them to flourish in any way that we can. Thank you again and we pray that you find peace, whatever your decision may be. We’d love to talk with you if you’d like to know more about us!

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