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Hello, we are Lizzette and Avram from New York.


Thanks for reading our profile and considering us as prospective adoptive parents for your child. We know you have a difficult decision and, if you choose us, we want you to know that we will spend a lifetime living up to the faith you placed in us.


Our home is filled with laughter and joy, learning, music and lots of play. There’s room at this party for one more and we hope it can be your child.


Our family is a blend of races and cultures. Lizzette is Puerto Rican and Catholic, Avram is white and Jewish and our six-year-old son Isaac is the best of both of us.At different times of year, you’ll find us preparing pasteles and arroz con gandules for the Christmas Holiday, dying eggs for Easter or munching on matzoh for Passover. Whatever your background, we’re excited about adding your traditions to our own so your child never forgets where they come from.


A Little about us

We got married in 2007 and had a memorable honeymoon exploring Greece.


Our greatest adventure began in 2012 when Liz gave birth to our son Isaac. Being parents is the greatest privilege and joy of our lives. Isaac always has something new to teach us and he is such a comedian. He makes us proud every day and we love nothing more than to put on capes and play superheroes with him, read him a favorite book or play him a song for the first time.

Our dream is to become parents to a second child. We tried for a couple of years to get pregnant, before we found out from doctors that we cannot. God had a better idea for us and we are even more excited about adopting a child who can add a new piece to our family’s rich tapestry. Our diversity has always been our strength so adding a child who may not look exactly like us or have all the same interests only makes us better.


Introducing Liz

Liz grew up in a large family, the second youngest of five in her house. She remains particularly close with her parents, sister and brother. She adores and loves spending time with her nieces, nephews and their children and is always excited for every chance for Isaac to spend time with his cousins.


She is a voracious reader and a talented crafter, but most of all, she is a dedicated mother, daughter, wife and friend. Liz is the person who keeps our family on track and makes sure we maintain all the important traditions, from hosting Mother’s Day lunch to decorating the house for Halloween and Christmas.


She’s also a great cook, who makes dishes from both of our cultures. She’s great at cooking Puerto Rican specialties such as arroz con pollo, pasteles and pernil, but she’s also learned how to make Jewish delicacies like matzoh ball soup.



Do what you love, love what you do

Lizzette is a STAY-AT-HOME MOM to Isaac, getting him ready for school in the morning and greeting him when he gets off the bus in the afternoon. Liz is active in the PTA, volunteering in the school every chance she gets. When we add a new baby to our family, she will be able to care for both children during the day, while Avram is at work.


Introducing Avram

Isaac and Avram have a special bond. Every night, Avram helps Isaac with his homework, plays with him, gives him a bath and tucks him in for bed.


On weekends and holidays, Avram and Isaac are inseparable. They get up early in the morning and play together all day. They play video games, build things with Isaac’s Legos, ride their bikes to the park, and sing songs together. Many of Isaac’s toys are the same ones Avram played with when he was a boy.


The thing Avram wants most in life is to help raise a second child and to give Isaac the brother or sister he never had growing up as an only child.


Avram has two full-time jobs: being a dad and working as an editor for a technology publication. At the job which pays the bills, he tests and writes about new gadgets and computers. Isaac is always helping him test new gear; they build robots and computers together all the time.


It’s a dream career, because it combines Avram’s passion for technology and his writing skills. However, there’s nothing he loves more than being a dad and hanging out with his son.


Our home and community

We live in one of the best places to be in New York. We live close enough to New York City to take advantage of the amazing museums, history and culture but far away enough that we don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle on a daily basis.


Our community is the perfect location, giving us easy access to miles of gorgeous beaches and parks. We often take advantage of the good weather to walk along the boardwalk in the late afternoons or attend one of the many free concerts and events. Our school district is constantly listed as one of the best in the state.


For Halloween, there is a carnival atmosphere, as one of the local streets in town is closed off to traffic. Kids from all over come to trick or treat as the residents put out amazing displays, interactive experiences to delight young and old. Thanksgiving brings the arrival of Santa Claus on the back of a firetruck and all the kids get to ride. From Menorah lightings to Veteran’s Day Parades there is always something to celebrate and enjoy with friends and neighbors.

Kids in the neighborhood put out lemonade stands and block parties are a staple of the summer months. When it snows, everyone helps each other dig out and it’s a fun time to watch the kids play as adults take time to chat.

Hobbies and interests

We’re big geeks around here and proud of it. We love superheroes and comic books, Star Wars and Star Trek. When we get a chance, we go to sci-fi conventions and hang out with the other fans. We love movie marathons and dressing up as our favorite characters for Halloween or just pretending as we race around the yard, ready to save the day.


When the weather is nice, we take Isaac to the many car shows (he loves cars), street fairs and carnivals they have in our area. Living so close to the beach gives us an opportunity to take advantage of free summer concerts on the boardwalk, especially the Salsa nights where we get to dance and have fun.


While we stay active and take advantage of all the opportunities for fun and learning, we do enjoy a lazy pajama Saturday where we just hang out cuddling on the couch and watching movies.


Future big brother, Isaac

Isaac is a precocious little boy who loves to laugh and play. He enjoys building robots, reading books, playing dress up and inventing his own games. He loves making up jokes and telling us everything about his day at school.


Isaac knows that we are trying to adopt and he can’t wait to have a little brother or sister. He even offered to donate all his tooth fairy money to help pay the adoption fees. He keeps asking when his sibling is coming.


Whether he’s showing his grandparents how to program his latest creation or helping us read a book, Isaac loves sharing his knowledge and joy with others. He always talks about how he’s going to teach his future sibling about all the things he loves.


Our life as parents

Being parents is the greatest privilege of our lives. We try to fill every day with discovery, fun and learning. We believe that the best way to teach values such as respect, kindness, responsibility and hard work is to model them.


We always treat our son as we want to be treated ourselves. When he asks us a question about the world, we always give him a straightforward answer, even if we think the concepts or vocabulary we’re using might be too advanced for him. He almost always understands what we’re talking about.


We promise that, with us, your child will experience unconditional love and unwavering support. Our goal is to help them become the best version of themselves. That, and to laugh.


Meet our family

Family is important to both of us and we try and spend as much time as we can with both of our families. Holidays are great fun as we share them all as one great big family. Liz’s family will join us to celebrate the Jewish Holidays with Avram’s family and Avram’s family comes every Christmas Eve to Liz’s parents’ house.


There are frequent barbecues with friends and family all summer long and game nights during the winter. We try and get together with friends and family often. Liz’s parents live about half an hour away so we see them the most often. Avram is really close to Liz’s mom and treats her like his own mother.


Most of our friends we’ve known since we were in high school or college and they have become family over the years.


Thank you

Thanks for reading our profile and considering us. Know that if you entrust us with the privilege of raising your child, we will make sure that you are always a part of their life and that your traditions and background are an important part of their upbringing. We believe in the importance of an open adoption and will provide letters and pictures if you desire.

We look forward to talking with you about your hopes and dreams for your child.

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