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I am Alison from Texas. First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to give me the opportunity to introduce myself.


My name is Alison and I am so humbled by your love and courage to consider an adoption plan for your child. I hope that you will find comfort in knowing that if you entrust me with your child, HE OR SHE WILL BE REGARDED AS THE BIGGEST BLESSING IN MY LIFE and that you will be giving me something that nature could not, the opportunity to be a mother.



I am 41 years old and currently single. I am an only child, but I know how to share and get along with others, so I’ve made great friends that I love and interact with like real sisters. I had a great childhood and grew up surrounded by family, which is why my goal as an adult was to have a family of my own. I’ve had to carry on my family tradition of opening pajamas on Christmas Eve with my dogs and I’m sure they’d appreciate it if I had someone else to carry on the tradition with!



I have the spirit of an adventurer and love to travel and experience new places and things. I have the soul of a singer, but without the voice, although that doesn’t stop me from holding private concerts. I have the visions of an artist; however, the talent eludes my hands therefore I use the talents of my friends and family to help make my ideas come to life. I believe in making mistakes more than once just to make sure they truly are mistakes and because I like learning lessons the hard way.


I’ve wanted to be a mom for so long. It seems as though God has had a different plan for my life. I am blessed in so many other ways, but the one thing I am missing is a child. I was previously married, and we were unable to conceive on our own. Rather than pursue medical intervention, I felt called to adopt.


When I’m not working at home, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and keeping myself busy.







Games (board games, cards, puzzles)








Sophie Maria


11 year old Chihuahua Weiner dog mix


Rescued from a shelter


Active and independent


Loves to be outside




Nine year old blind Chihuahua


Rehomed from a family member


Happy and playful


Toy hoarder


These are the two current loves of my life. They both have so much personality and are great snugglers. They are great around children!




exas is where my dogs and I call home. I love the weather and hill country. I partake in the active lifestyle and entertainment the city provides. I live in the suburbs which gives me a small community feel within a large city. My subdivision is family oriented and has many weekly family/child activities to participate in.

My home is a hub for entertaining my family and friends. We often get together for game nights, baking and crafting. My couch is the heart of my home. My dogs and I spend quality time on it and it’s our gathering spot when company is over.


Favorite Places in my Community

Theater because shows are something my dad and I enjoy doing together

Southtown because I enjoy the vibe of the crowd

Local museums because I enjoy looking at art

Local trails for weekend walks

Craft shows because I like shopping and getting new ideas for crafts



I am an elementary special education teacher in a public school. This is my fifteenth year in the same school because I love the community and students I serve. I am very passionate about my job and working with children with disabilities. There’s never a dull day and most days are filled with laughter. I enjoy the innocence of the children and watching them learn and grow.

I also enjoy the schedule of being a teacher and having ample time off to spend with family and indulge in my hobbies.



I have a very close family. My parents have been divorced since I was 4, however they were amazing examples of what co-parenting should be. I grew up with my mom creating a special bond with her, but my dad was always present which allowed for a special relationship with him. My dad lives very close to me and we spend a lot of time together. My mom is in a neighboring state but we are in daily contact and we visit each other often.


My extended family is all in my home state as well, however my job allows a lot of time to visit them. I LOOK FORWARD TO SHARING MY FAMILY AND HOME STATE EXPERIENCES WITH A CHILD.

Family Traditions

Holiday meals with family on the good dishes


Decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving Eve


Holiday church services with my family when I am home


Easter baskets- even as an adult I still get one every year

Christmas Pajamas that we open on Christmas Eve



Spirituality is an important part of my Iife. I believe growing up in the church instilled important characteristics in me, which I would like to pass on. There are so many religious traditions that I experienced as a child that I would like to continue with a child.



I realize that making the decision to place your child for adoption may be one of the greatest challenges you may ever face.

Please know that you would be fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine; the opportunity to be a mother. Words can never express the gratitude I feel for your decision. I promise to provide the best possible home and life for your child and look forward to sharing photos and letters with you. Making sure that they know every single day how much they are loved not only by myself and my family, but by you as well. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

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