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If you are not sure whether you are fully decided on adoption, then the below resources in the Laredo area may prove useful:

  • Advanced Institute for Women’s Health = (956) 712-2229
  • Nueva Vida Maternity Clinic = (956) 727-0722
  • Gateway Community Health Center, Inc. = (956)795-8101

If you have already decided that adoption is the right choice for you and your baby, the Adoption Alliance will create a personalized adoption plan with you and will guide you through the entire adoption process. A key part of your adoption plan includes making a hospital plan tailored to your needs. You and your baby’s health are very important. If you do not have a doctor, we will help you locate a doctor and a hospital for the delivery.

Hospitals in Laredo to consider for your medical care include:

Laredo Medical Center
1700 E Sauders St, Laredo, TX 78041
(956) 796-5000



What adoption laws govern the Laredo area?

State laws of Texas determine the child adoption laws in Laredo. If you are thinking about placing your child up for adoption and are wondering “is there an Adoption Agency Near Me in Laredo” then let us help.

What should I do if I’m thinking about placing my child for adoption in Laredo?

It is a good idea to work closely with an adoption professional if you are thinking about placing your child for adoption. The staff at the Adoption Alliance will ensure that you understand the process and offer you access to any counseling you might need.

How much does it cost to place my child for adoption in Laredo?

The Adoption Alliance is here to support you with the adoption of your child, we will not charge you. If required we will be able to help you with you living expenses and other costs such as transport, medical and legal bills.

Is it hard to find adoptive parents in Laredo for my child?

At Adoption Alliance we have many families waiting to adopt a child, we should have no problem finding adoptive parents for your child. You can be sure we will help you find an adoption agency near me.

What differences are there between open and closed adoptions in Laredo?

With an open adoption, both adoptive and biological parents will have a chance to meet. With closed adoption, the parents will usually not meet, or maintain any level of communication after the adoption. In both open and closed adoption, the birth parents will have the opportunity to choose their preferred adoptive family.

Do you offer support and guidance during the adoption process for Laredo residents?

Yes. Adoption Alliance offer support, guidance, and resources throughout the entire adoption process in Texas. With all birth parents, we recommend scheduling a meeting with our staff as the first step. You can get started by filling out the form above or clicking here to contact us.

Laredo Demographics And Family Life

Laredo, situated on the north bank of the Rio Grande, is the tenth most populated city in Texas with around 236,091 inhabitants covering an area of 102.6 square miles. With a distinct Spanish-Colonial and Mexican flavor to the architecture, Laredo is home to a number of stunning churches as well as Fort McIntosh.

The last census places Laredo as the second largest growing city in the United States, with almost two-thirds of the population aged under 44. Laredo is one of the least ethnically diverse cities in the US with 95.6% of the 87.7% white inhabitants identifying as Hispanic or Latino.

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