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If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in Harlingen and considering adoption resources, we are here to help. The Adoption Alliance works to facilitate adoptions throughout Texas and can provide plenty of resources to birth parents as well as adoptive parents in Harlingen.

We believe in the positive power of adoption. Since 1989, we have been supporting birth parents and placing babies with loving families. The following important information will touch upon some of the important resources that the Adoption Alliance can provide in Harlingen, whatever your situation is.

If you want to learn more after reading, we encourage you to reach out to our 24/7 support line through a call, email or text.

Birth Parents In Harlingen

Birth parents in Harlingen should be aware of all of their options. Our goal at the adoption alliance is to put power in the hands of the birth mother and to support you throughout your pregnancy and decision-making process. It is up to you what kind of adoption it is going to be, and who the adoptive family will be. As all of our prospective families have online profiles, you will be able to make the choice for yourself.

Emotional support and counseling is a huge benefit for expectant mothers going through the adoption process. The Adoption Alliance is professional and confidential, and we want to make sure that you always have someone to talk to, every step of the way.

We can also provide birth parents in Harlingen with legal counsel. It is really important that you understand and are comfortable with all of your rights and responsibilities in the adoption. You shouldn’t have to feel like adoption law is too complicated.

Financial resources, to cover your medical costs and make sure you are healthy and supported, are available to birth parents in Harlingen through the Adoption Alliance. We also will help you get in touch with the right doctor or maternity hospital, and provide transportation for your doctor’s visits.

Remember, adoption is entirely your decision. We are here to empower and support you through the journey. If you are curious about how the Adoption Alliance can help you, please send us a call or text.

Adoptive Parents In Harlingen

For a prospective adoptive parent or family in Harlingen, the Adoption Alliance can provide plenty of supportive services. We want every stage of your adoption process to go smoothly.

The home study is a really important early step in the adoption process. We will provide you with the resources to complete your certified home study and get placed on our approved list of prospective families.

We also will help to facilitate communication with birth parents, if desired, before and after placement. It is important that everything is handled professionally and peacefully, for the best interest of the baby.

Curious about how the Adoption Alliance can help to facilitate your adoption? Please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 support line with any questions. We are a professional, charitable organization that wants to make sure every child has a loving family to raise them.




Harlingen Medical Center
5501 US-77, Harlingen, TX 78550, USA

Valley Baptist Medical Center: Harlingen
2101 Pease St, Harlingen, TX 78550, USA

Solara Hospital Harlingen
508 Victoria Ln, Harlingen, TX 78550, USA

Pregnancy Centers

Planned Parenthood – Harlingen Health Center
712 N 77 Sunshine Strip Suite 18, Harlingen, TX 78550, USA

Valley Women’s Clinic
1717 N Ed Carey Dr, Harlingen, TX 78550, USA

Valley Baptist – RGV Women’s Health Center
2230 Haine Dr, Harlingen, TX 78550, USA


Sam Houston Elementary School
301 E Taft Ave, Harlingen, TX 78550, USA

Lamar Elementary School
1100 McLarry Road, Harlingen, TX 78550, USA

Moises Vela Middle School
801 S Palm Blvd, Harlingen, TX 78552, USA

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