If you’re considering adoption and aren’t sure what to do next, the Adoption Alliance in Elsa can help no matter where you are in the process.

The Adoption Alliance is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency that has been operating in Texas for decades. Thanks to our years of experience and countless success stories, we know that every situation is different, down to the small details. That’s why we create a unique adoption plan for every situation and try to make the process as rewarding as possible for everyone involved. We provide services and support to birth mothers and adoptive families and are available around the clock if you need us.

Birth Parents in Elsa

At the Adoption Alliance, our goal is to build happy families and we know that supporting the birth mother is one of the most important things we can do. In addition to coordinating legal services, we can also refer you to a qualified, experienced counselor if you need extra support.

Every case is different but because we are a licensed adoption agency, we are able to provide a range of financial support to birth mothers in need. If you need help securing safe housing, we can help with rent, application fees, and security deposits. We can help with other living expenses, too, including groceries, utilities, laundry, cell phone service, and more.

If you don’t already have a doctor, we can help you find one and provide the transportation you need to get to and from appointments. In some cases, we can also help with medical expenses including prenatal care and delivery. If you qualify for state or federal assistance, we can help you figure out what programs to apply for.

All of our adoptive families go through a rigorous screening process so you can rest assured that the baby will be placed in a safe, loving home. We empower you to choose the adoptive family from our family profiles but if you want us to choose for you, we are happy to do that as well.

Know that all of our services are at no cost to you and we maintain strict privacy and 100% confidentiality at all times.

Adoptive Parents in Elsa

The Adoption Alliance also provides assistance and guidance to families hoping to adopt a new baby into their family. We can make referrals so you can get your home visit completed as quickly as possible as well as coordinate communication, keep you up to date as the adoption progresses, and help manage your adoption plan.

We work with adoptive families throughout the US and are licensed in Texas, New York, and Connecticut. After you’re accepted into the agency, we’ll help you set up an online family profile so you can tell birth mothers why you’d make the best family for the baby. Once we find a good match, we provide you with background and health information of the birth mother (and father if possible).

If you have more questions or if you are ready to take the next step, contact us 24/7 at (866) 268-2518. Or, visit us at our website.

Adoption Resources Near Me in Elsa, Texas.

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720 E Edinburg Ave, Elsa, TX 78543
(956) 968-8567

Knapp Medical Center
1401 E 8th St, Weslaco, TX 78596
(956) 968-8567

Guajira Family Clinic
505 Angelita Dr, Weslaco, TX 78596
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Pregnancy Centers

Elsa Medical Clinic
101 S Broadway St, Elsa, TX 78543
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Valley Eye Care
609 TX-107, Elsa, TX 78543
(956) 262-2020

Dr. Annabelle Lopez MD. PA
913 S Airport Dr, Weslaco, TX 78596
(956) 647-5529


Edcouch-Elsa Independent School District

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