Why Giving up Your Child for Adoption is the Best Decision You Will Make

You are probably inclined to complete the title with “…for the baby.” Indeed, this is a process that seeks the best option for the baby. But, in perspective, this is also a process that emotionally affects the birth mother too. 

Positively, if your motivations are the right ones. 

So, we will expand our title by explaining why “giving my baby for adoption” is the best decision not only for the baby but also for you, the birth mother. 

Giving a Baby up For Adoption will Give Him or Her a Chance to a Better Future

Regardless of why you have decided to put your baby up for adoption, you are probably concerned about your baby’s future. And that is a great thing. It only means that you are selfless and concerned about the life and opportunities your unborn baby will have through adoption. 

Perhaps you are already working with a licensed adoption agency and have already picked a pre-screened adoptive family that will take your baby once he or she is born. The adoptive family has gone through an extensive background and criminal check and you believe they are the best fit. This is a good thing because it shows that you care. 

Now, there are a few things that you should know about adoptive parents that will help you be at ease. This is just in case you were having second thoughts or trying to think that giving up your baby for adoption makes you a terrible person. 

These are the facts:

  • Most adoptive parents have spent years either trying to have a baby or have prepared responsibly to adopt. This means that they are fully prepared-emotionally, financially, and logistically to take in your baby and fill him or her with undying love and care.
  • To the adoptive family, you will be considered a hero as they will see you as the person who enabled them to form a loving family. 
  • This family will cherish, love, and care for the baby, making it the best decision for him or her.

Are you “thinking about giving my baby up for adoption?” We believe that you need the best support and encouragement. There are some steps you need to follow. In general, this would mean:

  • Get in touch with a licensed adoption agency. You want to go this route as they are better suited to give you support in all areas needed.
  • Make sure you know what the appropriate steps required for the adoption process.
  • To get the most out of this process, learn about the benefits of adopting for you and your baby

You Have the Power to Help Build a Family

The choice of putting your baby up for adoption is not an easy one. The process might feel confusing, and sometimes, you feel like you don’t even know how to get started. You probably have a lot of questions.

  • How does this process work?
  • How do I start the process if I am going through an unplanned pregnancy?
  • Will my baby be okay with the adoptive parents I chose?

Now, this last question is the one we want to cover in this section. Since you are a caring birth mother, you want to ensure that your baby goes to the best possible adoptive family. Here at Adoption Alliance, we consider that of utmost importance. This is why our potential adoptive parents go through a rigorous screening process to ensure precisely that: your baby will be adopted into a good, loving family that will effectively raise your baby to the best of their ability with lots of love and support.

Think about all the joy you will be bringing to a couple that is probably struggling with having a baby of their own or that simply want to offer yours a better future. 

Why are you considering giving your baby up for adoption? Perhaps you don’t feel you have the financial ability to raise the baby? Or maybe you are a single mother? As we mentioned earlier, whatever the reason, there is one thing that is crystal clear: you care about your baby. 

This means you have put the needs of your baby above your own needs. Will that mean placing a baby for adoption? This is a wonderful process that you know is best for all. There is a family out there, dreaming of having a baby through adoption. You have the ability to make dreams come true. 

You are not “Giving Up” on your Baby

At some point, you might feel you are giving up something that was given to you; that it is not fair for your baby to part ways from his or her mother. This is not a decision to be taken lightly.

You will probably need some time to realize that adoption may be the best option for your baby. 

Right now, you are not sure because you believe that giving up a baby for adoption is “giving up” on your baby. This is not true at all. Choosing adoption is not to give up on your baby. it is providing him or her a better future with a family that is fully prepared for the process.  

You are providing your baby for a family that will give him or her the type of life you dream they could have. This is a process that you will be thankful for in the future. What’s more, your baby will indeed thank you for it as they were given a chance for a brighter future. 

We Will Help You Throughout the Adoption Process

As mentioned earlier, deciding on adoption takes time. But the great thing is that you are not alone. Adoption agencies such as Adoption Alliance will provide all the encouragement, support and answers to questions that you may need to ease the process.

Sometimes it is hard to find the right support from friends or family since this is not something everyone experiences. This is why we are here to help. 

You can trust that placing a baby for adoption can be filled with satisfaction and the peace of mind that you have provided a brighter future for the baby that you love.  It is definitely the best decision you will ever make. 


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