How to Choose the Best Adoption Agency to Match your Newborn with the Right Family

Once you have decided that you will be giving your newborn up for adoption, the next step is to find a reliable licensed adoption agency. If you search for “adoption agencies near me,” you will be presented with many options. But how do you decide which is the best one for you?

Which adoption agency you choose will largely determine the outcome of the process. 

The best adoption agencies will assist you in your own adoption plan while finding the perfect match for your baby. They will usually provide free information on how to handle your unplanned pregnancy and all the steps you should follow. 

Before deciding which is the best agency for you and your unborn baby, follow these tips on making up your mind. 

Pick an Adoption Agency that Offers Counseling

Even if you have decided on giving up your baby for adoption, many thoughts may occur through your mind that might even make you have second thoughts. Once you contact and research the best adoption agency, they will not only offer free information, financial assistance and 100% confidentiality but should also provide counseling resources to help you go through the process. 

This process is long and can be taxing. You want to choose an agency that will patiently walk you through the entire adoption process without feeling any unnecessary pressure. 

Visit the agency and get a feel of what they are like. It is important that you feel comfortable and warm around them. 

Are they willing to help and answer all your questions? Do they answer your calls? Do they reply to your emails?

The Agency Allows you to Take Control of the Process

Giving up your baby for adoption does not mean you will lose touch of him or her. Also, you get to decide what type of adoption works best for you and makes you more at ease. 

Ensure that your adoption agency makes you an active participant in what you want for your baby. This might include the screening process for potential families that will adopt. You care for your baby enough to offer him or her a chance at a better life; it only makes sense that you take an active role in the process. 

You are Given the Option to Choose the Family for your Baby

A respected adoption agency will allow you, and even guide you, to making the best decision on what family your baby goes to. Over the past years, the adoption process has become more open. You can now meet the family who will adopt your child and even stay in touch with them or receive regular updates from the adoptive family. 

You get to meet the family before and after the adoption process. Experts agree that pre-placement contact is healthy and essential. This will help you confirm the family that will take in your baby is what you are looking for. Because of this, you will have the peace of mind that your baby will be appropriately placed with the most loving adoptive family that can offer your baby a better life.

There are several ways in which you can stay in touch with the adoptive parents:

  • Text messages
  • Email
  • Online conference calls
  • In Person meetings
  • Interaction at the hospital
  • Through social media

The Adoption Agency will Offer to Follow up Once the Adoption Process has Been Completed

Make sure that your adoption agency gives you the option for an open adoption. Just keep in mind that this is something that you should seek if you are sure you want to stay in touch with your baby and their adoptive parents.

The choice is yours, and your best adoption agency will give you that opportunity. They will guide you through post-adoption communication with adopting parents. 

You decide how and under what circumstances you will stay in touch with the adoptive parents. For example, your agency should give you the freedom to decide:

  • How much you will interact with the adoptive parents.
  • How much time you want to spend with your baby and adoptive parents.
  • Who holds your baby for the first time.
  • Whether you want the adoptive parents to leave you alone with the baby immediately after birth, etc. 
  • And many other choices and decisions that you should discuss with the agency.

Ask if your Adoption Agency Provides Post-Adoption Support and Counseling

The adoption process does not end when your baby is adopted to their new home. There is an adaptation process for the new family to let the entire situation sink in. This is an adjustment period that parents go through, especially if this is their first time having a baby. 

Seek an agency that will also provide you post-adoption support and counseling. Circumstances that led to your pregnancy are different, and your counselor should be able to cater to each one. This post-adoption support will help you adjust to feelings of loss you might encounter. 

You are legally required to wait 48 hours before consenting to give up your parental rights over your baby.  This time is usually critical and enables you to either cement your determination to offer your baby a better future or go ahead with raising him or her yourself. 

Essential Qualities of a Trusted Adoption Agency

Once you believe you have found the agency that you trust, ask the following questions to ensure they meet the essential qualities of good adoption agencies. 


An adoption agency should be transparent about what the implications of the procedure are for you. Discuss the terms, conditions, and everything else you feel you need to know. 


Always ask if the agency you have chosen has the proper licenses to operate and the staff has the required certifications.


No doubt should be in your mind regarding anything prior to, during, and after the adoption process. Look for an agency that will give you clear information about what to expect from them. 


This is very important since adoption is an emotional and personal process. As such, you must always get warm responses and feel supported all the time.  

Adoption Alliance has been helping pregnant women since 1989 and is a great well-respected licensed adoption agency in Texas to assist when it comes to giving up your baby for adoption. Please know you are not “giving up” on your baby. You are fulfilling a much bigger purpose, which is to give your baby a better future with an adoptive family that will provide all the love and care he or she will need to be happy and successful in life.

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