Ways Adoption Alliance Assists Birth Mothers through the Adoption Process

If you’re in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy and are at a loss as to what to do and who to go to, then this guide for birth mothers is essential for you.

In this moment you may be experiencing shock, denial, and uncertainty. You’re not alone in these feelings as they are completely normal. It’s important to acknowledge your feelings so you can process what’s happening. It’s not uncommon during this time of processing to feel that abortion or raising your child are your only two options.

There is a third, the miracle of adoption.

Many families are unable to have children of their own, while others follow the calling of adoption as the way to grow their family. If you’re in a place in your life where caring for your child isn’t an option then take comfort in knowing there are wonderful adoptive parents ready to support and love your child.

At Adoption Alliance we believe every adoption is unique. Our staff personalizes each and every adoption, and will guide you through the entire process. We believe the health of you and your baby are paramount.

There are a number of ways Adoption Alliance supports birth mothers during the entirety of their pregnancy. As a licensed adoption agency, we provide services and assistance at no cost to you. The following will be provided during your pregnancy:


For birth mothers, safety and secure housing is important. We will help you find comfortable and safe housing, and will cover rent, utilities, food, cellphone service, and clothing.


We’ll arrange transportation to doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, and to and from our agency.

Medical Expenses

If Medicaid or insurance is unavailable, we can help cover the costs of prenatal care, and hospital and delivery charges.

Counseling Services

A referral for professional counseling can be provided during the pregnancy and postpartum period. Our staff is also available 24/7 if you need questions answered or need to chat.

Legal Services

Coordination of all legal services will be provided.

FAQ by Birth Mothers & Parents

1. How long will I receive financials assistance?

You’ll receive financial assistance during your pregnancy and up to eight weeks after birth.

2. Can I help pick the adoptive parents for my baby?

Yes! We present a variety of family profiles for you to choose from, and you select the adoptive family based on your preferences for your child. However, if you’re uncomfortable with selecting an adoptive family, we’re happy to do so for you.

3. How will I know my baby is going to a good home?

We put potential adoptive parents through extensive screening process to ensure the best families are in our network. Every family has an adoption profile available for your review, and if you’re curious to know more we can arrange for a meet and greet prior to placement.

4. Will I know how my child is doing following placement?

Yes, you can choose to receive photos and updates regarding your child following placement. Please discuss with your adoption as it’s our goal for you to understand your different options.

5. If I’m a minor, do I need my parents’ permission?

No, however we find the adoption process is less stressful if you’re honest with family and friends concerning your decision.

6. Does the father of my baby have to be involved?

Regardless of the relationship you have with your baby’s father we can work with you. We do encourage expectant fathers to be involved in the process. If the father wishes to not be involved, there are steps we can take to ensure a legal adoption.

7. Can I change my mind after placement?

Once you sign the affidavit of relinquishment, your decision is final. Before this final step we take every measure to help you reach a decision you’re 100% confident in.

At Adoption Alliance we are here for you, to answer any questions, and to be there through the entire adoption process. We’re available 24/7 and can be reached at 1-800-626-4324.

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