5 Amazing Ways You Can Support the Adoption Process

1. Be an Educational Force in Your Community

Adoption is amazing and a beautiful way to build a family. The key to supporting families interested in adoption or going through the process is to properly educate yourself and others. It’s one of the best ways this National Adoption Month (and every month) to share the beauty of adoption, and how it brings families together.

Ways to better educate yourself:

  • Review FAQs
  • Learn about adoption myths & why they’re incorrect
  • Read about birth mother experiences
  • Speak with people who’ve been through the process
  • Learn proper terminology
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Review statistics (see image below)


adoption in the usa stats

2. Donate Your Time & Resources

We’re all called to different purposes, whether through the donation of our time or financial resources. Both bring unbelievable joy and support to all parties going through the process.

Ideas on ways to give financially:

  • Donate to your local adoption agency: Many agencies survive on donations and so the money goes toward educating birth parents and prospective adoptive parents, birth mother services, and being able to advertise.
  • Run a fundraiser: Set up a fundraiser where the proceeds go to an agency, charity, birth parent scholarship funds, birth mothers, or to an adopting family in need.

Ideas on ways to give of your time:

  • Volunteer: Volunteer to educate others about adoption, become a Big Sister or Brother to kids in foster care, or work at related charity events.
  • Host a Baby Shower: Often families that adopt don’t get the opportunity to have a baby shower. Consider taking the time to throw a party in celebration of their adopted child.
  • Use Your Gifts: Whether that’s your professional photography skills, knitting or crocheting abilities, or even writing, there are endless ways you can utilize your personal gifts to support adoption.
  • Advocate: Use your social media following to speak positively about adoption, share important statistics and stories, or relay the needs of both birth parents and adopting families.

3. Change Language to Adoption-Positive

Families that have adopted experience many invasive and insensitive questions. Knowing what is and isn’t appropriate is incredibly important.

Remember to always use correct terminology and adoption-positive language. We even encourage you to delicately correct others when they knowingly or unknowingly use hurtful phrases.

An example of a hurtful phrase is “unwanted child.” Instead, use “child placed for adoption.” No child should have to grow up with the idea they were unwanted, especially when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Additionally, protect birth parents’ adoption decision, protect an adoptee’s right to share their story, and always think before you speak about someone’s experience. Friends, family, and co-workers will notice how you talk about adoption, and by speaking in a manner that’s supportive and kind you will be able to change perceptions in a tangible way.


adoption postive langauge

4. Adoption is Awesome, Spread the Word

Across generations adoption has been perceived as a secondary option for couples looking to expand their family. The proliferation of this idea has caused unnecessary harm to children, especially when in reality, it’s often the first or only choice for couples.

Families are growing through adoption every year. In fact, over 135,000 children are adopted yearly and a third of the population of the USA has adoption in its immediate family.

How can you spread the word? By reminding others that adoption is part of the fabric of America and should be celebrated! The growth of family is beautiful and perfect no matter the origin.

5. Adopt

By adopting, you’re giving the ultimate support to a child. We encourage you to learn more about the process by checking out by filling out the form on our website or giving us a call at 1-800-626-4324. We’re available 24/7.

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