How To Set Up Your Baby Nursery

Create A Plan

Having enough time to properly plan out your baby nursery will save you a lot of hassle. Expecting parents have a lot to focus on and having enough time to set up a baby room is a big help. Allocating enough money and creating a budget for your baby room allows you to select items that are within your price range. In most cases, there will be some form of labor to consider. You may have to assemble a piece of baby furniture or at least move all your baby items into the room. By having a plan, you will save time and reduce stress related to setting up your new baby room.



Now that you have a room designated as your baby room, it’s time to make it safe. For your windows use cordless blinds, shades or curtains. This will prevent your baby from getting tangled in the cord from window blinds. Make sure to cover all outlets in the baby room with outlet covers or plates. This will prevent your curious child from accessing the power outlets. Fit your door knobs with covers that prevent your baby from opening the door and getting into the rest of the house. And, make sure all cabinets and drawers have mechanisms in place to prevent your baby from pinching his/her fingers.


 Baby Nursery Layout

Draw a layout of the room and the items you would like to have in it. Having the crib next to the door and away from windows is ideal. With an idea in mind, you will be able to select items that fit well together in the baby room. Keep the measurements of the room with you as you go shopping for furniture items. This will help you figure out if items will have enough space to fit in the baby room.



Picking out the right furniture for your baby room is challenging and exciting. There are many crib options, so take your time finding one that suits your specific needs. Cribs with vertical slats are known to make it more difficult for babies to climb out. A changing table will be helpful along with a comfortable feeding chair. Storage space will also be helpful as you will need room for diapers, clothing, bedding and towels.



Decorating your baby room largely depends on the gender of your baby and your personal style preferences. For large walls, it is common to have gender neutral colors. This allows you to accent the room with more vibrant colors without overdoing it. You will want a dimmer switch on your lighting to easily dim the light for bedtime. Lastly, add items of decoration that have significance to your family such as an heirloom or family photo. This will personalize the baby room and make it feel like yours.

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