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Place My Baby For Adoption

Place My Baby For Adoption

I've Decided To Place My Baby Up For Adoption: What Next?

Birth mothers who have decided that they wish to make the decision to provide another family with the gift of life may be confused as to what steps are about to take place. I've already decided to place my baby up for adoption, you might be saying. Isn't that the only necessary step?

A birth mother who is going to make an amazing sacrifice like this one needs to know more about the upcoming steps. “I've decided to place my baby up for adoption” is not an easy thing to admit. A birth mother is going to want to place “my baby” up for adoption in a manner that allows for both sides to flourish. Let's take a closer look at the following steps.

1) Finalizing The Decision

The term “my baby” is used above in a connotative manner. In other words, a birth mother is always going to feel some sort of attachment to her own flesh and blood. That's why it is important to finalize a decision before proceeding. There is no going back once the agreement has been made. A birth mother needs to be 100 percent certain of the choice that she has made before taking such a major risk.

2) Making a Pre Adoption Plan

If the birth mother is certain that she is making the best decision, she can then make a plan for the adoption itself. Contact a top notch adoption agency and make an appointment. They are more than happy to help you through each and every step of the process. They know that many questions and concerns are bound to come up along the way. All of the birth mother's wishes are fulfilled…within reason, of course.

3) Choosing The Adoptive Family

Once the adoption agency has a better idea of what the birth mother is looking for, they are better able to assist them. An adoption agency has done all of the necessary background checks and will be able to provide the birth parents with any and all information that they need in order to feel comfortable with the adoptive family that is chosen.

4) Heading To The Hospital

In order to make sure that the child is brought into the world in a healthy and happy environment, the birth mother will need to prepare accordingly. The birth mother must decide how much time they wish to spend with the adoptive parents on the day of the birth and how much time they will spend with the child once the birth is complete. There is also a two to day three period after the birth that must take place before the adoption can be legally consented to.

5) Deciding on a Post Adoption Plan

Some birth mothers may want a clean break for sanity's sake. Others may want to keep in contact once the baby has begun its new life with their adoptive family. Developing a post adoption plan is something that should be done as early as possible, although it may take some time for the specifics to be hashed out.


Place My Baby For Adoption
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