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Giving Up My Baby

Giving Up My Baby

Giving Up My Baby: 5 Tips For Would Be Birth Mothers

First of all, lets start by saying that there is no such thing as giving up and that a birth mother is no less of a person for surrendering “my baby”. There is no such thing as giving up in these instances, no matter how much a birth mother may wish that she could keep the child and call them “my baby”.

A birth mother may feel even feel inadequate or experience feelings of depression. “Does giving up my baby make me a bad person?” is a common thought that birth mothers will have prior to giving a child up for adoption. Thanks to the following tips, birth mothers are better able to cope with the experience.

1) Consume as Much Information as Possible

There are countless books, magazines, television shows, websites and support groups out there that are dedicated to helping birth mothers through the emotions that they are going to be feeling. A wealth of information is available to any birth mother who would like to learn more. Appointments can also be scheduled with your physician and the adoption agency if there are any further questions on the matter.

2) Speak To Professionals In The Field

Birth mothers can contact any number of professionals that have experience in adoption related counseling. There are informational meetings that can be attended and a number of social workers and attorneys that are willing to offer resistance. In addition to collecting all of the necessary information about adoption and the related procedures, a birth mother will want to speak to various other professionals who can guide the way.

3) Do Some Much Needed Soul Searching

Before making any sort of decision regarding the child's future, be sure to sit down and do some much needed soul searching first. While the current circumstances that the birth mother faces may be difficult, these are temporary conditions. A potential birth mother needs to think long and hard about this decision before making it. There is simply no going back once this particular Rubicon has been crossed.

4) Acknowledge Your Own Feelings

There are bound to be a few bad feelings that end up bubbling up to the surface during this difficult process. Giving up a baby is not easy, even when the birth mother is facing very adverse circumstances. It is only natural to have feelings of guilt and shame about this sort of experience. Acknowledging these feelings and letting oneself off the hook for them is important. No birth mother should ever be hanging their head in shame.

5) Consider The Post Adoption Plan

Birth mothers who are looking to remain fully up to date with the life of their child have every chance to do so. Nowadays, there are very few restrictions when it comes to a birth mother's ability to receive updates. Speaking with the adoptive parents prior to the birth and establishing a post adoption plan that works best for all parties involved allows a birth mother to avoid experiencing a great deal of separation anxiety.


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