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Tyler and Nicole

Hello! We are Nicole and Tyler from Washington, DC. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile, getting to know us better, and considering us as your baby’s adoptive parents. We can’t imagine what you are going through, but know that you are incredibly brave for choosing adoption. It shows how much you love your baby.


We are so excited and ready to start a family. We have wanted children for a while and are committed to doing so through adoption. We will provide a loving, fun home that is stable and secure for your baby. We live in a diverse city with tons of activities to help children learn and grow. Your baby will be the most important thing in our life, and we will give them every opportunity possible.


After months of research, we feel an open or semi-open adoption is the best choice. We look forward to working with you to make an adoption plan. If you choose our home as the place for your baby, you will always be a part of our story as an adoptive family.



We met through work in Columbus, Ohio, halfway between where we each grew up; Tyler is from Massachusetts and Nicole is from Missouri. We moved to Washington, DC several years ago when Nicole was offered a job and Tyler decided to go to law school. We fell in love with the city and can’t imagine starting a family anywhere else.


We have been married for over six years. Adoption was something we had always discussed as a possibility before we were ready to have children. When we were looking through old photos for this profile, we found a magazine article about adoption Nicole had clipped when she was a teenager. When we discovered that we had infertility issues, we knew adoption was the right choice.


Our strength as a couple is how well we complement each other. We approach life as a team. We love doing things together; traveling and exploring new places, going to museums, and trying new restaurants, among others. We want to share this with our child and show them how wide and wonderful the world can be when you experience it with people you love.


ABOUT TYLER, from Nicole:

Tyler is one of the most thoughtful, principled, passionate, and caring people I know. He cares very much about his community and giving back, which is something I know he will teach as a parent. He enjoys his work as a public interest lawyer.


Tyler is a caregiver at heart, always making sure those he cares for are comfortable and happy. He enjoys spending time outside and exploring new cities. He is always looking for an adventure!


Tyler values education and learning. He often questions why things are a certain way or wants to learn and understand the history of an event or culture. His quest for knowledge is something I know he will want to experience with our child.


WORDS THAT DESCRIBE TYLER: Adventurous, Curious, Protector, 

Dependable, Bright





ABOUT NICOLE, from Tyler:

I know Nicole will make a great mom. She is very loving and will help our child grow into the best possible person they can be. She cares about people doing their best, whether they succeed or fail, and is focused on making people around her better. Nicole is extremely loyal to those close to her and you can always count on her to be on your side when you need her. She is funny, sharp, and quick to laugh.


I am very proud of what Nicole has accomplished in her professional life as a political advisor. She has an important job that impacts the future of our country, and she does it well because she wants to make a difference. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her love and support, and I can’t think of anyone better to raise my child with.


WORDS THAT DESCRIBE NICOLE: Loving, Dedicated, Loyal, Protective, Driven




One of our favorite things to do as a couple is to travel and explore new places. We try to take four or five trips a year, whether it’s just a few hours drive or all the way across the ocean.




We live in a townhouse in a family-friendly residential neighborhood, near some of DC’s best parks, libraries, museums, and family activities. Since we live in the city, we both have very short commutes; Nicole can even walk to work. We’re also just a few blocks from great daycare options and one of the city’s best elementary schools.


Much of our grocery shopping is done at a market with local farmers and butchers (and some of the best pancakes DC has to offer!). We have a side porch and a private back patio, so we can spend plenty of time outside when the weather is nice.



Tyler is one of five children. His parents, siblings, and grandparents all live on the East Coast, making visits very easy. We spend holidays with both of our families, rotating Thanksgiving and Christmas with other visits throughout the year. When visiting Missouri, we are fortunate to be able to spend time with Nicole’s grandparents, who played a big role in her childhood. She has three sets and is very close to her stepmother’s family. Nicole is the oldest grandchild in her family and was 15 when her baby sister was born, so she spent a lot of time around younger children.


Both of us have adopted relatives. Tyler has three second cousins adopted from Uruguay and Nicole has a second cousin who was adopted, and who adopted a child of her own as well. We also have several friends and coworkers who adopted children or were adopted themselves. This has helped shaped our opinion on the importance of being honest with our child about the adoption process.


In addition to our family, we have friends in DC who provide a great support system. Many of them have babies, so our child will know lots of children around their same age.



We want our child to know that they can take risks and be independent, but that they will always have a place where they will be loved and supported. The best way to do that is to raise them with love and honest dialogue. We will emphasize the difference between right and wrong, giving back to their community, and being kind and respectful to others.



Thank you so much for looking at our profile, we are grateful to even be considered. We look forward to sharing pictures and letters with you and welcome an open adoption if you would like to be part of our lives in that way.


We know this is a challenging decision for you to make and we wish you the best of luck in whatever path you choose.



We know that it is important for our child to understand where they came from and honor your decision to place them for adoption, so we will discuss the process with them from an early stage and help them feel empowered by their story. Additionally, we believe that differences should be celebrated, so we will foster respect for both their own culture as well as other cultures.


We are looking forward to seeing what type of person our child grows up to be and want to help them succeed at whatever they choose to do in life.