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Travis and Georgina

Hello! We are Travis and Georgina; thank you for reading our profile. We would like you to consider giving us the trust and responsibility of adopting your child. While you may not have planned to be on this path, we understand what an important decision this is for you. We will raise your child to know you made your decision with thoughtfulness and love. Travis and I have made a commitment to each other, and so we will make a commitment to you and your child to share the best of ourselves: Our joy of travel, learning, language, and the traditions that make us unique. We hope your child can join us in our adventures, making us and the world around us better.

Travis and I come from different backgrounds: I grew up in Mexico and immigrated to the United States as an adult. Travis grew up in the United States, but spent time living abroad in Honduras, Spain and Ireland. When we met 13 years ago, we immediately realized that we shared a love of travel, culture and language. When we lived in Los Angeles, we frequently traveled to México to visit Georgina’s family and friends. With the help of four years of college Spanish and working in community development along the border, Travis became fluent in Spanish from our frequent travels in Mexico. To this day, we speak only Spanish on the weekends.

We moved to Washington, DC eight years ago to experience life on the East coast and go back to school to earn graduate degrees in our fields. Today, Georgina works as a director of education at a non-profit organization. Travis works for an energy company as a credit manager, financing alternative energy projects throughout the US.

We own a three story house on a tree-lined street next to a forest, close to the Potomac River. During the winter we light the fireplace and enjoy the warmth of the fire, and the smell of wood burning accompanied by our border collie, Julio Cortázar. In the spring, the trees in the garden are full of fragrant white and pink blooms. During the summer, we have our meals in the garden under the pear and magnolia trees; the grapevines offer shade and shelter for our resident birds and squirrels.

We love living in Washington with its fantastic museums, theaters, and international feel, though we still go back frequently to San Diego and Mexico, as we consider them our second home. Together, Travis and I have an extensive network of friends and family that are supportive of our dream of adopting and will embrace your child as a member of our family. If you choose us, we promise to give your child wonderful memories of holidays, birthdays, summer vacations spent with family and friends, and Sundays spent playing in parks, beaches, and forests. We also promise to keep you updated regarding your child’s growth and development through pictures and letters if you desire. We value our family tremendously and would consider ourselves honored and fortunate for you to allow us to make your child a part of it.

With Love and Kindness,
Georgina and Travis