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Salvador and Jennifer

Hello! We are Salvador and Jennifer


We live in Texas. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We are grateful that you decided to read our profile and get to know us better. We have the utmost respect for the difficult decision that you are making and are humbled that you would consider us as the couple who might be blessed to raise your child.


We are excited and ready for this new journey and the possibility of welcoming your baby into our lives and family. We know it takes faith to put your baby in someone else’s care. We would like you to know adoption is the answer to our prayers and the chance for us to start a family. We will offer every opportunity and provide your baby with unconditional love, support and stability for the rest of our lives.


Our Story, How We Met, Our Roots, Interests and More!


We met at a wedding shower six years ago. We were both apart of the wedding party as Maid of Honor and a Groomsman. We dated for a year before becoming engaged. Our engagement took place a few thousand feet in the sky in a hot air balloon. We were both nervous about heights but we conquered our fear together in a special way that day. We have been married for a little over 4 years.


AS A COUPLE WE ENJOY SPENDING TIME TOGETHER by going to parks, aquariums, museums, relaxing at home with game nights, traveling, and taking day trips. Although our travels may not be far, we still share a passion for adventure.


WITH US BOTH BEING FAMILY ORIENTED, we knew we wanted to grow our family, however, Jennifer is unable to carry a child. We felt called to adoption because our hearts are spilling over with the love and desire to be parents. Our home is filled with love our love for each other but we could not picture our lives without giving that love to a little one…. A little one we have yet to meet but who is already in our hearts.


Meet Jennifer


The moment I saw Jennifer I was captivated. She has a great sense of humor; I often call her, ‘my lil joker’ because of the playful pranks she likes to play. She is very creative and loves Arts n Crafts. Jennifer and her mother enjoy creating different crafts together and have sold their creations at several craft shows. During the holiday season she also loves to bake festive treats. Baking is yet another way for her to express her creativity.


Jennifer’s biggest passion and dream is to become a mother. I love to hear her speak of the adventures and journeys she plans on us having with a child. She will be a stay-at-home mom to love and raise a child. She is very nurturing and has a natural mothering instinct.


Jennifer’s Career: Jennifer is extremely kind, patient and giving. She has a passion for children and is a certified elementary school teacher. She encourages and supports her students and has a love for educating.


Jennifer has also worked at a children’s hospital where she helped critically ill children cope with their illnesses.


Meet Salvador


Salvador is my best friend. He has a calming personality and is very patient and attentive. He has a positive outlook on life. Salvador is a diligent worker and takes his position as an Engineer seriously.  Salvador is a fan of college football and NBA basketball. He has a green thumb and enjoys growing vegetables in our garden. Salvador loves to BBQ and enjoys entering BBQ cook-offs. He takes every opportunity to improve his skills and BBQs for the family. Spending quality time with his father is important to Salvador and he enjoys helping his father at his ranch. Salvador is a very family oriented and reliable person.


Salvador often talks about his deep love to be a father. He speaks of all the future trips and adventures we will take with a child and cannot wait to raise our family with a passion for life.


Salvador’s Career:  I am Civil Engineer. I work on small and large projects that require creative thinking. I enjoy the design aspect of my job because no one project is the same. I feel like it is a puzzle to be solved.


Our Home


We have made our home in a family friendly suburban cul-de-sac. We would describe our home as warm and inviting, especially during the holiday season. We love to decorate our home for Christmas. Most of our time is spent either in the kitchen cooking together or relaxing in the living room or on our back patio.


We are grateful to have a new park within walking distance of our home. There are also several family oriented activities close by as well as great local schools. The best part is having both of our families living close by us.


Our Furry Family Member: We share our home with our loveable and cuddly 6 year old Pug Juanito. Juanito loves to play with his toys and lounge around indoors. He is very loving to little ones and loves to be petted. Juanito is a frequent passenger on our family trips. He loves to go and play with our other family members’ pups as well.


All About Our Hobbies and Interests


We enjoy crafting and taking our creativities to craft shows. We also enjoy growing fruits and vegetables in our garden, and sharing them with our family.


We really look forward to our yearly camping trips at different campgrounds. We always love to experience new adventures close to home or further away.


Introducing our Loving Family


We have been blessed by both having huge and loving families. We have a close knit and supportive family. Our extended family is just as excited as we are to welcome a new addition to the family. We each have one brother and one sister and both of our parents are still together showing us the value of family and commitment. We take every opportunity to gather and spend time together. We always gather for birthdays, holidays, vacations and family dinners. We enjoy our annual family camping trips and we take every opportunity to make memories.


Both of our parents have a deeply devoted faith and have always demonstrated that to us. Our faith is important to us and is something we will continue and pass on in our family.


Our Thoughts on Parenting


We have so much love and so many dreams for a child. As parents we plan on providing a stable and safe environment so a child has every opportunity to grow. We promise to provide means for a great education and a limitless future. We would raise a child in a warm environment where we can teach him or her good judgment.


We want to create new traditions as well as continuing our old ones; including family trips!  We want to make many loving and fun memories with a child. Most importantly we want a child to know they are forever loved and supported in all aspects of life. We would like to assure you that it is our promise to you that we will unconditionally encourage, love, provide, and protect a child in a stable and accepting environment.


A Special Message To You


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and consider us as the potential adoptive parents for your child.  Your incredible act of love would allow our family to grow, and for that, we would be forever grateful. We promise to be loving parents and to hug, love, encourage and protect your child. We hope that we have been able to convey that we would be honored and feel extremely blessed if you decided to allow us to make your child a part of our lives and family! We are happy to share photos and updates with you as your child grows if it is your desire to receive them.