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Martin and Tricia


We are Martin and Tricia.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!  We can’t imagine what you must be feeling as you search through profiles to try to find a family for your baby.  This selfless decision takes incredible courage and we deeply admire your ability to place your child’s needs before your own.  We are honored that you are reading our profile and we hope that this helps you learn more about our loving family.  We are extremely excited about the opportunity to welcome another child into our home through adoption.  We were blessed to adopt our son Kieran from Texas in 2010 and have been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to expand our family.  We would like to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents and express our appreciation for the courage you have shown in making this very difficult decision.


Our Story

We met through a mutual friend 17 years ago and quickly fell in love.  We have an amazing relationship and consider ourselves very lucky to have one another!  We were married in 2004 and began planning to start our family shortly after that time.  After years of unsuccessful infertility treatments, we decided that adoption was the path we were meant to take.  Our prayers were answered in 2010 when we adopted our son Kieran.  He is now seven years old and we can not imagine our family without him.  He has been the greatest joy in our lives.  We love every moment of being parents- playtime, bedtime, story time, dinner time and most importantly watching Kieran grow into the amazing boy that he is today.  We are a very happy, loving family of three, yet feel we have more love to share.


Martin according to Tricia

Martin is an amazing father, husband and friend.  He is honest, respectful, hard working,  brave, caring and thoughtful.  Martin will frequently go out of his way to help anyone at any time.   As a firefighter, Martin is frequently putting others before himself.  He was recently awarded a medal for rescuing a women and saving her life.  Because of his flexible work schedule he has many weekdays free to help care for our family.  Watching him as a father over the past seven years has made me love him more each day.  He is a very hands on Dad and is a true partner. Martin is one of six children and enjoys having his large family living close by.  He has eight nieces and nephews who are all under eight years old.  Kieran is very close to his cousins and they are all enjoying growing up together.  Both of Martin’s parents were born in Ireland and Martin was lucky to have lived in Ireland for eight years as a child. From the unfortunate passing of Martin’s father when he was fourteen, he and his siblings learned to support one another.  They are a very close, loving family.  Martin’s siblings and their spouses are all anxiously waiting for us to adopt again.


Tricia according to Martin

Tricia has always been a very caring, selfless person, always putting other peoples needs before her own.  But even so, it still amazes me to watch her as a mother.  Whether it is patiently helping Kieran with his homework or doing her best not to get squeamish when he proudly shows off a worm or other insect that he found while digging in the dirt!  She is the perfect role model for our son, always teaching him right from wrong in both her words and actions.  She has long been the perfect wife and now I can add the title of “supermom”. With her job as a physical therapist, Tricia has a flexible work schedule as well.  This flexibility has allowed us to care for Kieran with a little help from our parents.  Tricia’s family is extremely excited about our decision to adopt another child.  Her parents love and cherish every minute they spend with their three grandchildren.  They love taking their grandkids special places, attending their sports games and taking them for cousins sleepovers.  Since we are so close to our families, Kieran is lucky to be able to spend a lot of quality time with all of his cousins.



Kieran is a cheerful 7 year old boy who cannot wait for a sibling.  He is a compassionate, sweet and caring young boy.  He is so gentle and affectionate with his young cousins and would like to teach his new brother or sister everything he knows.  He is very outgoing and loves to make people laugh through his witty sense of humor.  Everyone that meets Kieran is instantly won over by his infectious fun-loving personality.  He is loving first grade and is loved by his teachers, coaches and classmates.  Kieran enjoys playing sports with his friends.  He plays soccer, lacrosse and basketball throughout the year.  When not playing in organized sports, he loves to ride his bike, build with legos and explore nature.  We are confident that Kieran will be an incredible big brother, if given the opportunity.


Our home

We live in a three bedroom home in a great suburban neighborhood in New York.  We live on the same block as our elementary school with lots of children close by.  Our school district is highly rated.  We love having our friends and their children over for a barbecue in our large backyard and a swim in our fenced in pool.  We are also lucky to live close to many parks and beaches.


Having fun

We are an active family and enjoy going to sports games, taking bike rides, hiking trails, going to the beach, spending time in our pool and camping.  We take regular camping trips with both family and friends.  Kieran loves exploring the outdoors with his cousins and friends while camping.  As a family, we love to enjoy all four seasons that New York has to offer including apple & pumpkin picking in the fall and sledding in the winter.  We took Kieran skiing for his first time last winter and he can’t wait to do it again! We also have our individual interests.  Martin’s hobbies include photography, sports, exercise and fixing up the house and yard.  Tricia enjoys cooking, physical fitness, yoga and entertaining family and friends in our home.  Tricia cherishes being a mother and spending quality time at home with Kieran building legos, reading books or playing games.


We are a loving family, anxiously waiting to welcome another child into our home.  We promise to provide your child with a lifetime of unconditional love and support.  You will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will assure that your child understands the courage that this decision took for you.  We would be happy to share letters, emails and photos of your child with you.  Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents.


Martin, Tricia and future big brother Kieran