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Mark and Lydia

Hello and Welcome! We are Mark & Lydia


Dear Birthparents: From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for taking your time to learn about us. We are from Massachusetts. It’s incredibly hard to put into words exactly what we are thinking and feeling so we will just say it’s great to meet you!

We are Lydia and Mark and we are grateful that you decided to read our profile and get to know us better. We have the utmost respect for the difficult decision that you are making and are humbled that you would consider us as the people who might be blessed to raise your child. Thank you for considering us.


“We decided that adoption was the best path for us to become a family and haven’t looked back since. We are so excited to be on this journey and can’t wait to see where it takes us.”


How We Met


O ne night I mistook Mark for one of my friends and started talking to him thinking he was someone else. I was embarrassed but he thought it was cute. We kept talking, exchanged numbers, and have been together ever since!


A Little About Us


We have been best friends for more than a decade and MARRIED FOR SIX OF THOSE YEARS. We don’t take ourselves too seriously (we are kids at heart) and love having adventures together!


We cook, garden, work on the house and binge-watch cartoons on Netflix. We like exploring our local parks and farmer’s markets.  We are incredibly lucky to have such a loving and supportive relationship that has grown stronger with each obstacle we have overcome together. We have been through some very difficult times and always come out the other side with hope, joy and a greater appreciation for life and each other.


We have always wanted children and tried for years to grow our family through infertility treatment. Unfortunately, we did not have happy outcomes. After a series of losses, and much soul searching we realized that this wasn’t an ending but a new beginning.


Introducing Lydia


In Mark’s Words: My absolute favorite weirdo. SHE IS A RARE MIXTURE OF RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS WOMAN, GEN X SLACKER, AND 50’S SITCOM HOUSEWIFE AND I LOVE IT! She gets excited about the smallest things like little panda chop sticks or the newest Disney movie. When she is really excited she scrunches up her nose and I have a really hard-time not laughing. I love that little things can make her so happy, like free samples of beauty products, or a cute new lobster collar for our dog. And she always apologizes for being weird which only makes her cuter.

I honestly could not have invented a more perfect wife for me AND I KNOW THAT SHE WILL BE AN EVEN MORE AMAZING PARENT.


By Lydia: I am curious by nature and am always reading and learning. Harry Potter and Disney movies are some of my favorite things. Cooking is my passion; I see food as a great way to learn about other people and cultures. Some of my best memories are cooking with my family and I’d like to carry on the tradition of making old fashioned things like jelly, sausages and bread. It’s important to me that those traditions and skills are kept alive and passed on. I can frequently be found playing in the dirt working on our flower beds and vegetable garden. I build little fairy gardens and hide gnomes around the yard because of how much my nieces love to find these little surprises.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do: I work as a supervisor for an insurance company and I love my job. I feel so lucky to be in a role that allows me to make something complicated easy for the people who need it. MY SCHEDULE HAS A FLEXIBILITY THAT MAKES IT EASY FOR ME TO BALANCE MY HOME AND WORK LIVES.


Introducing Mark


In Lydia’s Words: M ark is an extremely calm and patient person; I call him the Zen Master. He is kind and caring and always goes the extra mile to help our family and friends. He is extremely creative and has a silly streak to him.


Our nieces adore him and follow him around like ducklings; Uncle Mark is a popular guy and much in demand due to his superior coloring skills. He is a wonderful husband and I know he will make an even better father.


By Mark: I’m a pretty happy guy. I have a beautiful wife whom I love dearly, a great job I enjoy, and a beautiful house to come home to. I have a very large and close extended family and can’t wait to make it that much bigger.


In my free time I always have some project that I am working on. I take classes, paint, sculpt, and there is always something to do in the garden or around the house. When the weather is warm I am outside, planting vegetables, playing at the dog park, reading in my hammock or chasing after nieces.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do: I am a designer for a small firm the next town over from where we live. Mostly medical and boring corporate stuff, but sometimes I get to stretch my creative wings, which is great. My company is small but has been in business for over 30 years. They are great about having very flexible schedules, making your own hours, working from home, and overall a very relaxed atmosphere. It’s absolutely fine to bring your child with you to work from time to time.


Our Home and Community


We live in Massachusetts with our dog Bear and cats Cleo and Moose. We live in a quiet family neighborhood close to the schools our child would eventually attend. Our house is cozy and filled with laughter, it just needs a child to make it a home.


People who know us don’t use the front door. We mostly live in our family room in the back so most guests just come in that way. No need to ring the bell, our dog Bear will let us know you are here. There is always something cooking, so when you walk in our house the first thing you’d notice is the smell of food. There is something about the pantry that our nieces find magical, they go right for it to peek inside.

We have a large backyard and spend lots of time in our vegetable garden and flower beds. We are just a hop, skip and a jump away from so many incredible places and experiences that we can’t wait to experience with a little one!


Meet the beg squad


Bear Dog-Half black lab, half border collie, way too smart for his own good. Plays his mother like a fiddle. Addicted to donuts. Scared of thunder. Is a good boy who lets his father brush his teeth.


Cleo Petme-Orange long haired cat. Elder stateswoman of the house. Has a schedule and keeps everyone to it. The white chair is her chair, none of the other pets mess with that.


Moose A Roodle-Orange short haired cat. Escape artist. Box aficionado. Thinks he is a dog, loves belly rubs and the dog’s kibble.


Our Hobbies and Interests


W e like to make things. Mark dabbles in painting and sculpture. For Christmas this year he carved a Harry Potter wand for Lydia and a kitchen gnome who looks suspiciously like his father. Lydia makes wreaths for every time of year from Easter through Christmas. She also makes jewelry, decorations, and sews our Halloween costumes.


We both love to garden, we mark planting dates down on the calendar and get excited for spring. The vegetable patch has grown every year we’ve been in this house; it has expanded to 4 times its original size. Last year the flowers on our dahlias were the size of dinner plates. We enjoy our live Christmas tree we had from our old apartment that we planted when we moved in to the house.


We camp and our collection of gear has become epic. It’s great to watch a Disney movie with the nieces while we are sleeping under the stars. Lydia’s father lives up in Maine on the water. There are lots of great spots to go to, even if we don’t leave sight of the family house.


Meet Our Family


Lydia is the oldest of three sisters. Her youngest sister lives the next town over and has two little girls. They come over almost every Saturday for family dinner. We keep plenty of coloring books on hand and Disney movies at the ready.

Lydia’s middle sister is a bit further away but still in Massachusetts. She is expecting her first child in a couple of months.


Lydia’s mother is close by and we see her regularly. She loves her grandchildren and they call her Gummy. Lydia’s dad is in Maine taking care of her grandmother. He is always welcome in our home and we make a point to see him as often as possible.

Mark’s extended family is very close and very large. His father is the eldest of seven and his mother is one of 10 children.


Mark has a twin sister who lives only a couple of miles down the road in the next town over. She has two little girls and a baby boy.

Mark has a half-sister who was given up for adoption but reconnected with the family later in life. She lives a few towns over and has two little girls; the oldest of which is in middle school.


Mark’s parents recently retired and have moved to a new house about a half an hour away. We see them often as they travel up to see their grandchildren several times a week.


Our Thoughts on Parenting


W e were both very fortunate to be raised in loving and supportive homes that provided us with safe places to learn and grow. Our parents instilled in us the importance of values like kindness, honesty and respect.  We hope to provide the same kind of environment for a child to ensure that they have the best possible start in life.


We understand that nothing can prepare us for the experience of parenthood and believe that in many respects a child will help us to learn how to become the kind of parents they deserve. WE WILL ALWAYS GIVE OUR BEST TO THE AMAZING AND UNIQUE LITTLE PERSON THAT MAKES US A FAMILY.


We promise to teach your child to find the joy in every day, to be a force for good and to always choose happiness.


If we are lucky enough to raise your child, there are some things we can promise you:


Family dinner every night. We both grew up coming home to dinner our families ate together; no TV and we talked to each other. We feel that is a great tradition to keep alive. Christmas will be spectacular. We already decorate like crazy people; a child in the house will only make things more vibrant.


Education will be a priority. Any child we raise will have the option to go as far as they want in school/college. After high-school we will make sure the resources are there for college.


We will send as many pictures and letters as you’d like along the way. We understand that this is a decision you have not taken lightly and we want to do anything we can to help you feel you make the right decision.


Most importantly we promise that we will devote ourselves to being the best parents to your child that we can possibly be.