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Justin and Mark

Hello and welcome from the great state of New York! We so appreciate you taking the time to find out about us.


We are Mark and Justin from New York. We can only imagine the decision you’re considering right now, and how much you want to do the best thing for your child. If adoption turns out to be the right path for you, we promise that we will devote our lives and hearts to your child.


We’ve tried to give you a picture of ourselves here, and if you like what you see let’s talk!  We genuinely want to learn about your hopes and dreams, not only for your child, but for you as well. We believe your child needs to know you, and we’re really excited to see what the future may hold for all of us.



We met when we were sixteen years old during our first week of college. We would stay up all night laughing our heads off in the lounge of our dorm, but after our first year we lost touch. Six years later, Mark saw Justin on a TV show and thought Justin was talking about him on the show. (Justin wasn’t actually talking about Mark.) But Mark wrote him a letter, and we’ve been together ever since–now over eighteen years.


Today Mark is a psychotherapist who helps people talk through their problems, and grow, and realize their full potential. Justin is a civil rights lawyer who spends his days making sure that people are treated equally no matter what race they are, or whether they were born rich or poor. We have loved each other most of our lives. We also love helping other people, and now we dream of sharing this love with a child.



Justin has made me feel safe, unconditionally loved, and capable of achieving great things for the past eighteen years, and he will do the same for our child. Not only does he have boundless warmth, strength, wisdom, passion, and creativity to share, but he makes everyone he knows feel special.


The sun is always shining on me when we are together, and I know it will shine on our child when Justin listens to him or her as well. Justin also makes me and everyone we know laugh like no one else can. He is an inventive, wildly entertaining storyteller and his imagination makes you believe that anything is possible. I can’t wait for Justin to be a dad.



Mark is the most loving, generous person I have ever met. I felt it the first time I met him as a teenager, but it’s proven even more true over the years. And with time I’ve discovered something else that I didn’t think about much as a teen—he will be an amazing dad. He is hilarious. (His impersonations of people always crack up our friends.) But the way he listens to people, and nurtures, and cares about bringing out the best in them, is how I know the kind of dad he’ll be. A dad that will teach a child to love himself or herself. Mark helps people put words to their experience. He actually wrote a book about modern marriage (you can find it at your local bookstore!) that tells the story of our own relationship. And when I read it, I discovered new things about myself, and us, and I thought, “Wow, he’s going to be such an empowering dad for our kid.”



We live in New York, where our house looks out on trees and a pretty block with gardens and rosebushes. We are right around the corner from a lake and a big playground. We are so excited to take our child to the park to go skating at the rink in the winter, and to the zoo and tennis courts in the summertime. We live in a very peaceful green part of a city, and we’re a short train ride from theaters and museums where we hope to take our child to shows and fun exhibits. We have a lot of old friends in the neighborhood with babies, and we look forward to picnics with them and raising our children together.



Meet Pip and Dolly! We rescued these two sweethearts when they were kittens. They are very curious when guests come over and terrific with kids. Pip wants to be wherever we are in the house and can never get enough petting, and Dolly loves to sit on laps for hours while we watch movies.



We are both creative people, and some of the happiest times in our marriage have been opportunities to work together on projects. Mark is also a trained actor. He started a theater company and produced several plays that Justin wrote when he wasn’t practicing law. (One of the plays was actually about two dads raising their beloved daughter!) We believe creative expression is one of the best ways to learn about yourself, and grow, and we are excited to listen to our child, and learn what kinds of expression — like music or drawing or dancing — will help our child discover who he or she is.


We also love baking (Justin) and cake decorating (Mark). Justin grew up baking with his mom for Christmas. Mark loves to draw blueprints for cakes and then make them for all kinds of occasions–like his niece’s first birthday, or Halloween, or even an Oscar party. We can’t wait to make a crazy gigantic birthday cake for our own child someday!


We also love to travel, whenever possible. We look forward to sharing different places and cultures and adventures with our daughter or son.



We are surrounded by family and close friends who are thrilled to welcome and support our child. Mark’s aunt lives a short train ride away from us—a big-time knitter who is ready to start making booties and sweaters when the time comes. Mark’s brother is a schoolteacher who lives in our city, a few minutes away from us, and is itching to play with a little niece or nephew. Justin’s brother and his wife live in Cincinnati, near the city aquarium, and when we visit them for Thanksgiving we imagine taking our child to look at all the different sea creatures there. Justin also has an aunt who was adopted as a baby, who has been a wonderful and loving part of his life since he was a boy. Along with the family around us, we have many close friends living nearby who are of different races and faiths—people we trust and know will be diverse role models for our child.







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Thanks so much for reading a little bit about us. We want to make a promise to you. There is nothing in the world we want more than to be parents, and we vow to love and support your child unconditionally for the rest of our lives. We think your child should know who you are, and we’d like to share photos and letters with you as your child grows. We’re comfortable with visits and an open situation, too, if that’s comfortable for you.


We look forward to talking to you!