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Josh and Shannon

We are Josh and Shannon from the great state of Texas! Welcome to our profile! Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We know this may be a very difficult and emotional time for you. We cannot even begin to imagine what you must be feeling. However, your actions show grace and mercy towards your child. While we do not have children, we want you to know that adoption is not our “backup plan” for growing our family. We have been praying for years about how and when to adopt. We, without a doubt, believe that we are called to adopt at this time in our lives. We know it takes a lot of faith to put the care of your child into someone else’s hands, let alone someone you barely know. In our wedding vows, we promised, before God, that we would love each other for better or worse. Our vow to you is to guide and love your child unconditionally. You can reach us toll free by calling 1-800-626-4324.

How We Met

We have been married for a little over 5 years. We met about 7 years ago on eHarmony when Shannon was in her last year of medical school. Josh was the first and only person Shannon ever spoke to on the site, and we were matched within 1 week! We have lived in 3 different states and have fallen in love with the Texas weather and friendly people.

Our Story

We love to travel and frequently take small weekend trips. Some of our favorite places to visit are Arizona and Savannah, Georgia. On the weekends, we often will have dinner parties with a few friends or a game night. Shannon’s favorite hobby is cooking and she usually spends Sunday afternoons trying new recipes. We both love to read and our house is filled with books! Josh loves learning about new things.

Years ago, when we initially discussed expanding our family, we both agreed that how our family grew was up to God, whether by adoption, biological, or both. We believe this is the time and place to put our faith into action for adoption.

Introducing Shannon, Through Josh’s Eyes

Shannon is very compassionate, especially with her co-workers and patients. One of the things that I first noticed about her is she is very hard-working. She works hard at her job and school but predominantly on relationships with friends, family. Shannon is always willing to go the extra mile (or extra 100 miles) to get the root of any item that needs fixed.

Shannon loves to cook (and I love to eat)! She enjoys learning about new methods or ways to make healthy and delicious food.

One of the many things I love about Shannon is that she loves children, and they LOVE her.
She is truly a doctor of ‘family medicine’. She really cares deeply about keeping families (whether her patients or her own) healthy—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Shannon is a family and sleep medicine doctor. This is her dream job–she has wanted to be a doctor since middle school! While she loves her job, she makes it a priority to be with her family. Shannon’s work environment is very family-oriented and she doesn’t work any nights, weekends, or holidays.

Introducing Josh, Through Shannon’s Eyes

My favorite thing about Josh is his kindness and tender heart. He is the kind of person that will always let someone go in front of him in the grocery line, hold a door open, and ask a cashier how their day is going. He also loves animals. Though he would probably never admit it, I have seen him tear up when we see a stray animal on the side of the road.

Josh is really good at his job. He is often times the go-to person to train new people because he has so much experience. Over the last few years, he has given up work advancements so that he can continue to work from home.

Josh is great with kids and our nephews can’t get enough of him when we visit. He loves learning and teaching, and has the patience to work with children. I know he will be an amazing father.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Josh is an engineer for a company that makes industrial pumps. He has a math degree and enjoys learning and teaching. He has worked from home for the last 4 years and has very flexible hours. He desires to help out with daily childcare at least part-time.

Our Home and Community

We live in Texas and have fallen in love with the weather and people here. We are keeping our eyes peeled for the perfect piece of land to build our forever home! We live in a small neighborhood and we like to run and walk around our streets. Our house is filled with bookshelves and we are always trying to find room for more books. The kitchen is where Shannon loves to be the most and Josh is her sidekick (mostly doing the dishes!).

Meet Our Pets

We have a dog, Cooper, and a cat, Maggie. Cooper is a basset hound and is the friendliest dog you will ever meet. He is Josh’s buddy and supervises him while he works. He loves children because they are eye level with him. Maggie loves to be near us and watch us. She’s very vocal and we can easily tell her mood. She has been declawed, and her nickname is “pillow paws”.

The People We Love

We are both extremely lucky to come from amazing families. Both of our parents have been married for over 40 years! While we have not been geographically close to our families for a while, we talk weekly if not daily and visit as much as we can. Josh’s sister lives about 2 hours from us and is excited to come visit the baby! There are several adoptions within our families, and we know that everyone will feel blessed with any addition to the family.

Since we live far from our families, our friends here are like a second family. We have been greatly blessed by the support network our friends provide. Whether it’s having dinner together, working through life’s struggles, our friends are an important part of our lives. We have friendships that have survived long-distance separations and many years, as well as new friendships built on shared beliefs. We adore our friends’ young children and enjoy watching them grow. Our favorite activities to do with our friends are dinner and game nights.

About Our Faith

Our faith is very important to us; in fact, it is the foundation of our marriage. We are Christian and plan to raise a child in the Christian faith. We believe that everyone is made in the image of God and we are meant to honor and glorify Him. We are active in our local church and co-lead a weekly small group. We have an amazing support system through our church and they have become part of our “family”.

Thank You!

We really appreciate you getting to know us a little. We know this process can be overwhelming and we hope that this profile has shown you that we are serious about adoption and believe that this is our calling. We would love to be able to share pictures and letters with you, if you desire, as the child grows. The love you are showing to your child will be extended to you throughout your life. Whether you choose to entrust your child to us or not, we hope and pray that you find the perfect family for your child. We can’t wait to meet and talk with you!

If you have additional questions for us or would like to speak to us, please contact The Adoption Alliance by calling 1-800-626-4324.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!
Shannon & Josh