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Jim and Jen

Hi! We are Jen and Jim. We are a childless couple who very much want to become parents. We can’t possibly imagine what you must be feeling at this moment, but we know that you only want what is best for your child. We hope that through this journey you find exactly the couple you are looking for. It is our hope that we can somehow ease your mind and help with the decision you are considering. We would feel so blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to raise your child. We look forward to giving this child the love and security you would want for them and encouraging them in all of their dreams. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

Why We Chose Adoption: We have struggled with infertility and believe that adoption is the way we are meant to grow our family. Our struggle with infertility has made us stronger as a couple. We have learned to support each other, overcome obstacles and make each other laugh. We are very comfortable with the adoption process and know the importance of sharing this with the child. Jim has an adopted sister and six adopted cousins. Jen also has two adopted cousins.

About Us: We met while attending college and lived in the same dorm on the same floor. We became friends and our friendship grew into love. We have been together for many years and have been able to depend on each other no matter what life brings. We are Christian and we consider ourselves to be responsible, patient, understanding, trustworthy, compassionate, fair, unselfish and open minded.

We are very active and enjoy hiking, riding mountain coasters, cross-country skiing, attending concerts, listening to music, going to sporting events, traveling, attending bull riding events and spending time with our family and our dog, Jose. We love having fun!

We have always dreamed of becoming parents. Jen looks forward to family walks through the woods and sharing a sled/snow tube ride down hills in the winter. Jim envisions taking trips to the zoo, playing ball and enjoying bike rides around the lake. We look forward to sharing our family traditions and creating new ones with your child. We also look forward to diaper changes, sleep deprivation and all of the other little challenges of becoming parents. We are ready!

Meet Jose: Jose is one of the most gentle and loving animals! He is wonderful with kids and will be a faithful playmate for your child to grow up with. He is a special member of our family.

Our Careers: Jen works in Human Resources and has the opportunity to work from home occasionally. Jim works as a property claims adjuster and his office is home-based. Our jobs offer us the stability, security and flexibility to provide a good home for your child.
Our Home: We reside in New York State in a close-knit, family-oriented neighborhood. We are lucky to have four seasons and we make the most out of them. We have snow for sledding, skating and cross-country skiing. We have many lakes and rivers for all kinds of summer activities. We have beautiful springs and falls. The area we live in is very diverse from urban to rural communities. We feel it is a perfect place to raise a child and create wonderful childhood memories!

About You and Your Baby: We want to give your child opportunities to explore and experience things for themselves while providing guidance. We will do everything we can to help the child grow and develop into a loving and responsible person.

We look forward to talking with you and are open to meeting with you if this is your desire. Please know that you will be respected and honored by us. Your child will always know of the tremendous love you have for him or her. We would enjoy sharing the growth and achievements of your child with you through photos and letters if you desire.

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile as you consider the best future and family for your child. Please know that if you select us as parents for your child, he or she will have a loving and secure home with two parents who will be his or her biggest fans and supporters.

Please contact The Adoption Alliance at 1-800-626-4324 and they can put you in touch with us if you have additional questions. We wish you continued strength in your decision.

With great admiration,

Jim and Jen