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Hidde and Lobke

We are Hidde & Lobke from the Netherlands. Dear Birthparents, hello and welcome! Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. We live in a laughter-filled home with our 5-year old adopted son Sepp. As we are preparing to expand our family through a second adoption we have thought about the courage and love you must have in finding the right family for your child to grow up with. We cannot imagine the difficulty you are facing at this moment. But one thing is certain: the family you will choose to raise your child, will be blessed by the courage and love you have already shown for your child. With this letter we want to show you around our fun-loving family life. But perhaps the most important thing for you to know is that we are loving and open-minded people who enjoy being parents and we have a stable and supportive group of people surrounding us. You can reach us toll free by calling 1-800-626-4324.

How We Met

This year we celebrated 17 years together, with our marriage in 2009 as a very special moment in our relationship. We met through mutual friends over 19 years ago. But we actually fell in love when we met again three years later at an outdoor event. Right from the beginning we shared the same thoughts about a relationship and we are proud that after 17 years together, we can say that we have a very loving relationship in which we can be ourselves completely.

A Little About Us

After several years of marriage, our inner desire to start a family grew. We knew that we could not have biological children for medical reasons and forming a family through adoption felt the right way for us. In 2011 this dream was fulfilled when we adopted Sepp in the United States and held him in our arms for the first time. Being parents for 5 years now, we can say it is by far the biggest, most wonderful and amazing challenge of our life and this made our relationship even stronger. We really feel we are at a point now that we know our hearts and home are big enough to expand our family.

Introducing Lobke

My parents are two wonderful, hardworking people who have always been very supportive and loving. I have a very strong and stable relationship with my parents. Because of medical reasons my parents were not able to have more children, but it was never boring because of all the friends I would bring home for play dates. I loved our summer holidays on camping sites in France. In fact, we continue this tradition nowadays with our own family and my parents.

I have known my dearest friends since childhood. Two of them live nearby and our children are the same age. It is wonderful to see them play together and to share motherhood with them. Our families spend a lot of time together. Just like my parents, they support our decision to expand our family through adoption again.

About Lobke’s Career: I obtained a master’s degree in psychology, and a post-master degree as a general health psychologist. I work as a pediatric psychologist in an outstanding hospital near our town. I treat children of all ages with different medical circumstances. I love my job where I use my creativity and humor as well as my empathy.

About Lobke by Hidde: Lobke has a warm and caring personality. She has a great sense of humor and is very open-minded. She has taught me to share my feelings, and that makes our relationship stronger. It is a blessing to see her enjoying motherhood, it is like she was born to be a mother. She is a creative, tender and fun-loving mother.

Introducing Hidde

I grew up as the oldest son in my family of four children, with 2 brothers and 1 sister. Playing sports, family dinners, being creative, honest and generous were important factors in my youth. Together my family got hooked on the game of Rugby. My siblings and I are all excellent rugby-players, and trainers. My relationship with my brothers and sister is very strong. In 2014 my sister and her husband became the very proud parents of my nephew and they are expecting their second child. My brother and his wife are expecting their first child. It is so special to share parenthood together with my sister and see our children grow up together. My mother and siblings strongly support our plans to expand our family through adoption.

About My Career: I obtained my bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering. Nowadays, I work as a project manager at a gastronomical family business. It is a challenging job where I can use my technical and my management skills.

About Hidde by Lobke: I admire Hidde’s openness and authenticity. He is a very stable and caring person who makes me laugh. Hidde supports me with everything I do and that gives me a lot of confidence. Hidde is a very respectful, caring and fun father. I think we complete each other, not only in our relationship but also in parenthood.

Meet The Future Big Brother, Sepp!

Sepp is a happy, cheerful and sociable 5-year old boy. He has a warm and caring personality. Words cannot describe the love and pride we feel for him. He recently started school. We chose a small, diverse and creative school with a lot of participation from the parents. It is wonderful to see that he is enjoying his time at school. We are proud to hear from his teacher that he is a happy and warm child that interacts well with his classmates. Growing up in a family with a lot of handy people, it is no surprise that Sepp loves to help building things together and helping out at home. He is very athletic and likes to play outside. Sepp loves animals, so we visit a lot of local farms. Since he was very young, he is fond of babies and loves to help care for them. When we told him about the possibility of him becoming a big brother he was thrilled. Actually he can’t wait and constantly asks when he will be a big brother.

Our Home and Community

We live in a romantic Dutch old cityhouse nearby the old centre of the city and a rural area. We have three bedrooms and a safe backyard with a fence around it. We both like to renovate and decorate our house. Hidde is very handy and Lobke has creative ideas; so we make a good team. Recently, we moved Sepp to a bigger room and we started redecorating for our future baby’s room.

Our neighborhood is child friendly. We are surrounded by young families with different nationalities. Within a walking distance we have playgrounds, kindergardens, parks, elementary schools, a hospital and several supermarkets. In the old centre of the city there are a lot of special facilities for children of course.

About The Netherlands

We live in the Netherlands, a small country in central Europe. The Netherlands is known for its tolerance and respect for all kinds of racial backgrounds and religious beliefs. Our country is also associated with tulips, windmills, bicycles, wooden shoes and soccer. The Dutch celebrate Christmas, New Years Eve and Easter. We also celebrate the King’s birthday “Kingsday”. On this special day everybody dresses in the national color, orange, and there is a big party in the street. We love to celebrate national holidays together with our families and friends.

We think the Netherlands is a great place to live and raise children; it is safe, everybody has health insurance and we have an excellent education system.

Meet Our Family

We feel blessed to have a wonderful and stable group of friends and family around us who are actively involved in our lives. Our family and friends are very important to us. They are supportive about the way we formed our family through adoption. We think it is a blessing being surrounded by such wonderful and stable people. Growing up in both our families, traditions and family values were very important. Today we carryout these traditions and values as well. We live close to our friends and families and throughout the year we meet frequently for holidays like Christmas, Easter, but also birthdays, graduations and other special occasions.

The very strong relationship with our family is also reflected in the fact that both our parents play an important role in the childcare of Sepp. Both of our parents will help with childcare when we cannot.
We also believe that it is important for a child to be able to learn, play and socialize with other children. So when your child seems ready, we would love him or her to spend a day at private childcare.

How We Have Fun In Our Freetime

We enjoy spending our free time outside. We love to see how nature changes with the seasons. When we are at home we like to hang out together as a family. Sepp has a great variety of inspirational and educational toys. He loves roleplay at the moment. But he is very athletic as well: so a lot of running and cycling around the house!

We also enjoy the city life; visit a museum, go to the theatre and eat icecream at a terrace. Sepp and Hidde love to play with construction toys and watch rugby games. Lobke and Sepp love to make art together and do roleplay.

We love to spend our summer vacations in the South of Europe. Last year we bought a tent and went to the South of France to enjoy the beach, the nice weather and the good food! We had a great time.

We also love to go for short holiday trips in the Netherlands.

Thank You!

You will always be an important part of your child’s identity. The reason we choose to adopt from the USA is because of the ability to have an open adoption. During our stay in the United States, when we held Sepp in our arms, we were fortunate to meet his birthmother. We feel blessed that we still remain in contact with her via e-mail. She is aware of our plans to expand our family and she likes the idea of Sepp becoming a big brother. When they are old enough we plan on going back to the USA for a road trip. Maybe we can visit you and Sepp’s birthmother, if that is something you would like as well.

We want to ensure you that, although we will be the ones you entrust raising your child, we strongly believe that you will always play an important role in your child’s life. We will always speak positively and with respect about you and we will tell your child that you made this decision out of love. We would love to keep in touch with you, if that is something you would like as well. We are very comfortable sharing photos and updates so you will know how your child is growing and thriving.

If you have additional questions for us or would like to speak to us, please contact The Adoption Alliance by calling 1-800-626-4324.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! Sincerely, Hidde & Lobke