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Herald and Roel

We are Herald and Roel from the Netherlands! We are grateful that you might consider us to be the adoptive parents of your child. It’s not easy to find the right words to convey our respect for the love and courage you have as you consider adoption for your child. We believe that such a decision can only be made out of love of your child. It’s important to us that your child knows who his or her birth family is. We will tell your child about you and his or her heritage in the USA and the special place you take in his or her life. You will always have a very special and important place in your child’s life. We will always acknowledge you as the birthparent(s). Because we want to share as much information as possible with your child, we feel it is very important to have good contact with the birthparent(s). We are open to contact in the future and we’ll send pictures so you can see how your child is growing up. Please know that we have close friends who have adopted from the United States as well and we see how they raise their kids as proud Dutch-Americans. During this very emotional period we wish you all the strength, wisdom, faith and love in the world. Please know our thoughts will be with you, and your baby, whatever your decision might be. You can reach us toll free by calling 1-800-626-4324.

This is Herald and Roel

In June 2005 we met each other at Roel’s sister’s housewarming party. We decided to meet again for dinner two weeks later and that was the start of our relationship. In 2008 we got a Partnership Agreement which has the same legal status as marriage. All this in the presence of our parents, which made it a very special day. We would love to get “really” married later on surrounded by all of our friends, family and in the presence of our future child.

We started our journey of adoption mid 2014. The desire of becoming parents grows stronger each day. All of our friends and family are so supportive of our decision to adopt. We have close friends who have adopted their children and they have been a huge help to us.

We were both raised in loving families and we cherish the relationship we have with our parents. They are always there for us and they are also wonderful grandparents to all of their grandchildren. Our parents raised us to be loyal, honest and taught us the values we believe in today. Respect, love and Christian values play a role in our daily lives.

We hope you get to know us a little better in the pages to come. Most of all we hope that you get to see that we are a happy couple wanting to become a family. We can’t wait to become the best dads in the world!

Roel Talks About Herald

Herald is a very loyal, patient and warmhearted man. To me he is the one that always sees the bright side of things and has taught me not to worry too much. He is the person that always makes the house feel like home. He is the one that puts flowers on the table, lights the candles, closes the curtains and turns on the music. He is also the handyman in and around the house, and quite the gardener. Herald is very loyal and when he commits to something he is in it for the long run. For friends and family his door is always open.

I can hardly wait to see him as a proud and loving father.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do: About Herald’s Career

I work for an international and privately owned charity lottery. It is the 3rd biggest donor for charity in the world. As a team leader of mostly young people, I find it rewarding to challenge them to grow professionally and coach them into new positions. In my previous profession I travelled many times to the United States, mostly to New York, San Diego and San Francisco.

Herald Talks About Roel

Roel has a warm and open personality. Roel is always the first to initiate and organize events with family and friends, which is really appreciated by everyone. He is an energetic, creative and enthusiastic person in work as well in our private life. He has a good eye for detail, He enjoys cultural events and likes going to the theater. Roel loves a bit of corny humor and cares much for animals. Roel had a rabbit named Boris that, unfortunately, recently passed away. His love for animals is something that Roel will share with our future son or daughter.

He is very thoughtful of the people he cares for. I see him as being a very funny, active and loving dad.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do: About Roel’s Work

I have been working for a major airline since 2008. I worked as an operational team manager for 4 years and recently worked in their social media Department as an IT manager. In September 2016 I started a new position as Project Manager in Facility Management within the Company.

About Our Home

We bought our house in 2010 and it became our home immediately. It is dated from the 18th century and we love the old character the house still has. It has a large private garden, is located close to the city center, but also is just 10 minutes biking from the countryside. Schools, daycare, shops and parks are in walking distance, and as the city is surrounded with a lot of canals, we often spend time on or near the water.

The community is very open and diverse and is a mixture of different cultures, entrepreneurs, young couples, families and students.

Our Traditions

• On December 5th. we celebrate “Sinterklaas” as a family which is similar to Santa Claus, only he visits on December 5th and brings lots of presents for the kids.

• On April 27th we celebrate King’s Day at our home with all of our friends and family. For two days, everybody puts on their orange outfits and the city turns into a big flea market. We love having everyone stay overnight at our place for the weekend. It’s turned into a tradition to start the festivities with a large breakfast together.

• We find it very important to spend special events together with family and friends. Birthdays we spend at home, with friends or we organize a boat trip in the city with our parents.

• In the days before Christmas we always take a few days off to spend together. We get a tree, decorate the house (inside and outside) and bake our own cookies.

Values We Live By

• You may always speak your mind, as long as it’s with respect and love for the other.
• You can become everything you want to become, as long as you work hard for it and do it from the heart.
• Everybody is unique and therefore we are all the same.
• In the end it’s all about relationships and the people you love.
• We promise to provide all the love and care needed, but most of all we will read bedtime stories, scare away the crocodiles from under the bed, learn to ride a bike, have pajama days, help with homework, decorate the Christmas tree, throw birthday parties, bake cookies, build the biggest snowman, watch the stars, feed the ducks, and so on….

Meet Our Family

Herald’s Family: Herald has 2 sisters, he is the second born. In total the family now is 12 people (4 grandchildren, 4 couples). My parents celebrated their 45th anniversary this year with the whole family in Spain. My parents are both retired. My mother used to own a children’s daycare center and my father worked in the construction industry. They are very active and spend a lot of time with their three grandchildren. Important things during my childhood were holidays on our family boat, traveling, skiing, horses and playing tennis. We grew up with a Catholic background. My brother-in-law was adopted as a child from Indonesia. They have searched for his parents for years but never found them. That is also why we strongly believe in open adoption.

Roel’s Family: My family consists of; my parents, my sister Esther, her husband Martijn with their two children Stijn and Lars. I grew up in a little Dutch village. My father was an English teacher and my mother was a stay-at-home-mom the first years of my life. My childhood was filled with love and warmth. My parents absolutely made me the man I am today. They still play a very big role in our lives.

My dad and I have enjoyed traveling around the world together over the past few years We also like to go biking together. They are great parents and lovely grandparents. My nephews spend a lot of time with their grandparents and I love to see the strong connection they have with each other.

Our Childcare Plans:

We have both already planned with our employers that when the day comes when we start our family, we will each stay at home for at least one day per week to take care of our child. Next to that we have two loving grandmothers who will come to our house one day per week as well. Both our jobs give us the opportunity to be flexible in working hours and locations.

Around the corner is a lovely daycare and when the time is right we will introduce our child to the other kids that spend the day there.

The Kids In Our Lives:

Over the years we have seen our sisters and friends start their families. We spend a lot of time with them, and their kids have become a big part of our lives. We love to see them grow up and we cherish the special bond they have with us.

Last year we were asked by our very close friends (Harald & Brenda) if we wanted to become the legal guardians of their four kids, in case anything would happen to them. A request that touched us deeply and we fully accepted.

Our Promise To You:

We promise that your child will be raised in a warm family, with two loving dads, great grandparents, loving sisters, dear friends, nephews and nieces, all standing beside us and who are all very excited to meet their new family member.

Your child will get all the chances in life to become what he or she wants and to secure their ambitions. He or she will always be loved and will be raised to have an open mind and a kind heart.
We will provide a safe, loving and secure home, a place where everything can be shared and discussed and where the door is always open for the people we love.

Herald and Roel