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Felix and Robin

Hi, we are Robin and Felix from Rhode Island. Thank you! from the bottom of our hearts. We thank you for taking your time to learn about us.


We would like to start by saying a big warm “Thank You” for taking the time to read this letter and profile and getting to know our family a bit more… We want you to know how much respect we have for you as you make one of the bravest, loving and selfless decisions imaginable for your child. If chosen as part of your adoption plan, we will always keep that in the forefront of our family story. Our hope is through our profile you will see how much unconditional love, support, stability and opportunity there is within our family already and that we have to offer your baby. Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to introduce our family to you!


You might be surprised to learn about us…


  • Robin was a babysitter and then live in nanny for Ms. Universe Olivia Culpo and her siblings
  • Felix boxed at the Junior Olympic Championships 7 years in a row when he was a child
  • We decorate cakes together
  • We honeymooned in New Hampshire
  • We have had 5 basset hounds at once living with us when we did foster care for dogs


A Little about us

Our adventure started way back in 2004. We were introduced by mutual friends, and spent time getting to know one another as friends. We hung out, went bowling, out to dinners, family parties etc. Felix had two children from a previous marriage (who are now all grown up!) so we took things slowly, but before long we knew we would be together forever and we became a family. Since the early stages of our relationship we have always talked about having a child together and taking the journey of parenthood together from the beginning. We make a great team and feel we have lots more love to give. Robin has PCOS and she is unable to conceive, however, adoption has always been part of our discussions and we feel that this is the right path for us. We cannot wait to share all our family’s love, excitement and adventure with a child!


What Robin loves about Felix

He is an incredible friend, father, son, uncle…he’s incredible at anything he does

He isn’t afraid to try new things

He has an infectious smile

He does whatever it takes to get the job done and support his family

He makes the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted


What Felix loves about Robin

She’s loving

She’s is the greatest “Bonus Mom” around– she looks at my children as her own and takes care of them the same way

She’s thoughtful and giving

She makes me laugh like no one ever has

I love that she makes cleaning a karaoke dance party


Introducing Robin


I’m a self-proclaimed life enthusiast! Experiencing a new food or activity is what I enjoy most. I also do a lot of reading, baking and I love spending any downtime I get with my family. Wednesdays are the days I spend with my grandmother, it’s been an upstanding date for over 20 years. I am a prankster (I get it from my dad) and I love to laugh. As cliché as it may sound I really do believe laughter is the best medicine and it needs to be incorporated into each day along with coffee… must have coffee!


I’d like to tell you a little bit more

Becoming a stepmother or “Bonus Mom” as we call it in our family was one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. I feel blessed to have had the experience of watching Felix’s children grow and be part of raising them; taking part in sporting events and school activities, making dinner, and kissing boo-boos. I had always wanted to be a mom ever since I can remember. While being a Bonus Mom is a blessing and I cherish the experiences, I still wanted to be a full-time mom, to raise a baby with Felix from the beginning and complete our family.


Introducing Felix


Hi, I’m Felix and I’m living my best life! I enjoy all the little things in life, like spending time fishing, hiking, baking and being with my family. MY HISPANIC HERITAGE IS IMPORTANT TO ME AND I LOOK FORWARD TO SHARING THAT WITH OUR CHILD.


A few of my other hobbies include playing video games, taking care of my salt water fish tank and watching football. It’s a big thing at our house to have friends and family over for football Sunday. Robin makes a big dinner and we all enjoy spending the day together! Like Robin, I believe laughter is a cure all and we make sure to get plenty in every day!


I’d like to tell you a little bit more

I am Dad to Hailey and Felix III. Becoming a father for the first time at 25 was the most amazing experience! I love being a dad, teaching my children about new things and being amazed at how much they have taught me is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.


One of my favorite parts about being a dad is spending time passing on everything I have learned in life, whether it be how to bait a hook or what the best kind of candy is since I am the self-proclaimed “Candy King!” I am looking forward to raising a child with Robin and to share that experience from the beginning. We love to travel as a family and I can’t wait to show our new little one all of the wonders life has to offer!


About our home and community

We just purchased our new home for our growing family in a great neighborhood that we chose for the school system and proximity to Robin’s parents. The neighborhood has an annual fair and parade that Robin attended as a child with her family and friends that we are looking forward to experiencing together!

Our home is where we enjoy spending most of our time. It has a cozy family room with a fireplace and plenty of room for family gatherings. The dining room is our favorite place to gather and have a meal or just talk about the latest happenings in our family. The yard is perfect for summer barbecues with family, friends and neighbors. It’s a place where we envision watching our children grow and then our children’s children. It’s our perfect forever home.


Our hobbies and interests

When we aren’t working at our 9-5’s, we really enjoy spending time together and with our families. Felix works 5 days a week as a driver for a delivery company and Robin works 5 days a week for a company doing customer service. We both enjoy our jobs and enjoy a great work/life balance. We usually are out and about with our families having a meal, maybe taking our twin goddaughters to the park or enjoying a hike with our dog Theodora. We both love to travel, hike, fish, watch and play sports, camp, shop and bake. I would say baking was probably one of our favorite things we do together and with our family. We have always spent a lot of time with Felix’s kids and our nieces and nephews, and when they would come over we would always make cakes or cookies with them and let them decorate the finished product. Or when we would go apple picking we would oversee all the kids making their own apple pie at the end. We are a family of bakers!


We do have our separate hobbies as well. Robin is a big reader and loves photography (Felix will drive her around to different spots in our state to take nature pictures) and Felix likes to play his video games to unwind, but even that we do together; Robin at one end of the couch, Felix at the other. What can we say, we are best friends!


A few of our favorite things

TV show

Robin: Friends

Felix: Any Food Network show


Robin: Cereal

felix: Pizza & candy


Robin: Cheesecake

Felix: Ice cream


room at home

Both: Kitchen

childhood activity

Robin: Hide N Seek

Felix: Boxing

holiday tradition

Robin: Christmas movies

Felix: Halloween party with family


Robin: Christmas

Felix: Halloween

guilty pleasure

robin: Makeup

Felix: Candy

sports team

Robin: NY Yankees

Felix: Cleveland Browns


Robin: My dog

Felix: Dogs & elephants


Both: Green

musical artist

Robin: Billy Joel

Felix: Jimi Hendrix

vacation spot

Both: Berkshires of Massachusetts



Meet our family

Our families and friends are a huge part of our lives. We are close-knit and spend a lot of time with each other. We spend a lot of time with all of our nieces and nephews, but our twin God daughters in particular. We have been helping their mother take care of them since they were four weeks old, taking them a night or two, giving their mom a little down time and us the opportunity to form a close bond with the girls.

Weekly visits to Gram for a shopping trip, breakfasts with Mami, coffee with Ma and Dad and Sunday dinners with our kids when they come home to do their laundry are just a few of the benefits of living in the smallest state; you don’t have to travel far to see your family often!


Family traditions

Pumpkin picking on Columbus Day weekend

Christmas breakfast with the whole family (Felix’s side)

Christmas Eve with the Whole Family (Robin’s side)

Making egg biscuits together for Easter and Christmas Halloween decorating and then dinner with the whole family and many friends, with hot apple cider and fire in the fire pit before heading out for trick or treating


Our Hopes and Dreams

We know that a lot is going to change for us when a new child joins our family, but we are ready and excited for the challenges and opportunities ahead! We will both be taking time off when we bring your child home. It is extremely important to both of us to have that bonding time to ensure your child will feel loved and nurtured by us.


As your child grows we will instill in them a sense of self love and self-worth. We will teach them about respect, acceptance, work ethic, understanding, compassion and faith. We will give them every opportunity life has to offer, supporting them fully with any challenges they may face. Providing them with a safe, loving and supportive atmosphere, always. We will always speak of you with respect and are open to a semi-open adoption with pictures and letters. Your child will always know where they came from.


One last thank you

Your brave choice is something we will never be able to thank you enough for. We thank you and appreciate you taking the time to read our profile and get to know us a little better. We promise that if you chose us to be part of your baby’s adoption story, your child will be raised in a home full of love, laughter, praise, faith, opportunity, education, honesty and warmth!


Thank you again for getting to know us!