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Eric and Deb

We are Deborah, Eric and our daughter Mary. We also have a dog named Greta. We are a happy family in upstate New York. Both of our families also live close by us, and we enjoy many opportunities to get together.


We adopted Mary as an infant in 2012, and now we’d like to complete our family with the adoption of a second child. We are in awe of the courage and love it takes to choose adoption for your child, and we hope this booklet answers all your questions about us as a family.



We met in college. Eric was a tutor for Physics, and I thought he was cute. I decided that I needed a lot of help in Physics! We got to know each other and started dating. We both enjoy the outdoors, traveling and spending time with family and friends. We struggled with infertility and decided that the right way to build our family was through adoption. Our daughter Mary is the joy of our lives. She is a bright, funny, smart and kind little girl. She loves all things pink, sparkly, and princess related.





1) BE KIND, but not a pushover.

2) Value your EDUCATION.

3) Always TRY YOUR BEST.

4) Be FINANCIALLY SMART, save money, plan for the unexpected.

5) Take care of your body. HEALTHY EATING AND EXERCISE are important.



I grew up in upstate New York, the daughter of a real estate agent and a police detective. MY UPBRINGING WAS ROOTED IN A LOVE FOR THE OUTDOORS, COMPASSION FOR PEOPLE AND ANIMALS AND A FIRM SENSE OF SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY. My life right now is definitely an extension of that. I feel proud of the work that I do as a forensic scientist-playing a role in revealing the truth of my evidence in the course of an investigation.


The role that I love the most though is that of being a mom. NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN TAKING CARE OF MARY AND WATCHING HER GROW AND LEARN NEW THINGS. She is turning into a dog-lover just like me, and we have a lot of fun with our dog Greta. Greta gets a lot of attention and kisses from both Mary and me. I also enjoy getting outside and going for walks and runs, and doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. For me, exercise is a stress relief, and I love inspiring Mary to be fit and healthy.



I am a computer forensic analyst, analyzing evidence for criminal cases around the state of New York. I enjoy the technical aspects of my job, the camaraderie with the investigators and prosecutors, and the feeling that I am helping to bring justice to victims. With the much anticipated adoption of a second child I plan to cut back on my work hours.



I grew up in upstate New York, raised by my mother, father and step-mother. Some of my favorite activities are basketball, swimming, hiking, canoeing, camping, and skiing. I also enjoy working around the house, doing yard work during the various seasons and doing home improvement projects.

Education is very important to me, and I strived to do well in all levels of school. I have a Bachelor and Master’s degree in electrical engineering, and I work as a manager at a large engineering firm that is 10 minutes from our home.


LASTLY, THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CLOSEST TO ME KNOW THAT I AM A PROVIDER, AND WILL DO ANYTHING FOR MY FAMILY. I am so happy being a father to our daughter, Mary, and I am looking forward to adopting a second child.


I work as a manager in a large engineering firm 1o minutes from our home. I enjoy my job very much. The people I work with help make the work place a great place to be and I enjoy my position as it allows me to put to use my technical expertise.



Our home is in a suburban neighborhood area of upstate New York. We often walk or run outside in our neighborhood and Mary is able to safely ride her bike outside our home. We experience all four seasons, so it can get hot and humid, and also quite cold.  Our house is spacious, and one of our favorite sounds is the sound of Mary running or skipping around inside with our dog Greta chasing her.


The school system Mary is in is highly regarded for academics, and the teachers are wonderful. We are happy to live in close proximity to both sides of our family, and as a result Mary has developed close relationships with her grandparents and cousins.



WE CAN’T LEAVE OUT OUR DOG! We have had rescue dogs ever since Mary was a baby. As a result, Mary has developed a real compassion and sense of caring for all animals. She loves treating Greta gently and giving her hugs, while understanding that sometimes Greta needs her space. Greta is so gentle with Mary too-she follows her around our house and loves to give Mary kisses. Greta is good about not chewing on Mary’s toys and doesn’t jump around and knock her over. The two of them have a loving relationship.



Mary is so much fun. HER SENSE OF HUMOR OFTEN GETS US LAUGHING WHEN WE LEAST EXPECT IT. She is enjoying Kindergarten and loves reading and “big kid math”. She is most proud of doing gymnastics, loves Beanie Boo stuffed animals and our dog Greta. SHE CAN’T WAIT TO BE A BIG SISTER! Mary wants the companionship of having a brother or sister in our family.


MARY’S FAVORITES: Gymnastics • coloring • french toast • Creepy Pair of Underwear (favorite book) • Princesses and all things pink, stuffed animals



Eric has one brother living in Rhode Island with his family, and one step-brother that lives in Vermont. Eric’s mother, father and stepmother live around us in New York. Eric also has several cousins living in the area, each with families of their own.


Deborah’s brother, father and mother also live in New York, however, they are a couple hours away from us. She also has extended family in Texas and in California.


In addition to getting together with family we are slowing building a network of friends in the area. We also have friends in Vermont that we travel to see on a regular basis.




We promise to LOVE YOUR CHILD with all of our hearts.


We promise to raise your child with LOVE, TENDERNESS, RESPECT and DISCIPLINE.


We promise to NURTURE, ENCOURAGE AND GUIDE YOUR CHILD in every stage of his or her life.


We promise to STAND BY YOUR CHILD and share in life’s joys and disappointments.


Lastly, we promise to GIVE YOUR CHILD A FAMILY THAT WILL LOVE AND SUPPORT him or her on whatever path he or she chooses.



Eric and Deb are our closest friends. We’ve been through a lot together, and they have proven time and time again that we can count on them no matter what. Our family enjoys spending as much time as possible with Eric, Deb and Mary as time allows. We hope to add one more little person to our group!


~Bret and Amy



We can’t thank you enough for getting to know us better, and we hope we’ve answered any questions you might have. We would love to meet you in person and we would love to get to know you too. We are happy to share photos and updates with you over the years and keep in touch with you if that is your desire. We know you have some difficult decisions ahead of you, but we know you will make the choices that are best for you and your baby. WE SUPPORT YOU IN WHATEVER THOSE DECISIONS ARE, AND HOPE YOU FIND THE FAMILY YOU’RE SEEKING FOR YOUR CHILD.