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Doug and Jennifer

Hello and thank you from the great state of Texas! We are Jennifer and Doug. We want you to know that although we cannot possibly understand what you are going through, our thoughts are with you. We have struggled with infertility and would be very blessed if we could build our family through adoption. We know this is a difficult decision but if you choose us, your child will always have the utmost love and support. Doug has two children from his first marriage, Maddie, age 20, and Genna, age 18. Both are now in college studying their respected majors. It is our dream to raise a child together and we are so excited at the possibility of that dream coming true. On a personal note, Jennifer’s mother went through a similar situation when she was in college. She became pregnant and decided that adoption was the right path. She selected adoptive parents that she thought would provide the most nurturing environment for her child. Jennifer’s mother recently learned that her birth child became a very successful home builder and had earned a Masters of Business Administration degree. You can reach us toll free by calling 1-800-626-4324.

Our Story

We always think it’s funny that we met at a poker party. Doug is an accountant and Jennifer is a lawyer, so she always thought he had the upper edge in playing poker being that he is good with numbers.

We have our hobbies: Jennifer is a horse lover and grew up riding/competing jumping horses. She has a horse named Willie (after Willie Nelson) who has become a member of our family. We enjoy golfing together, and skiing when we can. In his spare time, Doug loves watching University of Texas football, where he went to school, going to the gym, ski trips and the occasional golf game.

We are a close-knit family. We love to travel, and Jennifer has a lot of experience living internationally before she began work at her current employer. She used to be fluent in Italian and Spanish, but now only remembers enough Italian to read a menu. She still speaks Spanish well and is trying to keep up the language. Doug speaks some Spanish himself. Along with travel and learning new languages, we also love to be active. We can’t wait to teach our child all of these things as well, and expose her/him to international travel and new cultures.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer grew up an only child. Her mother remarried when she was 8 to a man who has become Jennifer’s father, as she did not have a close relationship with her birth father. Her family history has taught her that a family is created through the relationships you build. It is because of this, Jennifer feels adoption is the right path for our family.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Jennifer is a lawyer. She practices international trade law, doing import and export law. She absolutely loves her job. She works at a woman-owned law firm, which is nationally recognized. It’s great because she has a lot of flexibility in her job, and has very regular office hours allowing her to have a normal work week.

Meet Doug

Doug has one sister who is married with two daughters (one in college, and one a senior in high school). Doug’s mother remarried almost 30 years ago to a wonderful person, and Doug has a close relationship with his stepfather as well as his own father. We both have similar family histories, in that we have created close relationships with stepparents and siblings. We strongly believe family is what you make it.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

As we mentioned above, Doug is an accountant. He is a CPA and worked for a major accounting firm for several years. He now runs the tax department of a fortune 500 company. This means he still has some busy times of the year, but he also can leave the office early in between. He loves this flexibility!

Our Home

We live in a busy suburb near a major metropolitan area. The area we live in is widely recognized as having one of the best public school systems in the state. The elementary, middle and high schools are all within a mile of our home. Our home is large, with 5 bedrooms and a fairly big backyard with lots of trees. We also have two dogs who love all the space our backyard has to offer to run around!
We have a great group of friends who live in our neighborhood and we see them often. They have young children and one of our friends is soon expecting her first child. We have a built-in network of close friends which we think is great. We love having get togethers and BBQs at each others’ houses.

Our Pets

The account of our family would not be complete without mentioning our two dogs! We have two rescue dogs, each of which has their own little quirks. Heidi is an Australian Shepherd, and has probably the softest fur ever felt. People often say she is really just a walking stuffed animal. She is very gentle and quiet. Josh is a Catahoula hound dog. This breed comes from Louisiana and they are bred to hunt hogs in the swamps, so they can swim and supposedly climb trees. We didn’t believe this fact but our daughters witnessed it one day! Josh loves babies and loves to lick their faces until they start laughing.

Meet The Future Big Sisters

Maddie and Genna are both in college. Maddie is a junior and is studying abroad in the Netherlands. She is very excited about having a new member join our family and is looking forward to her visits home. Most of all she’s excited to become a new sister.

Genna is excited about having a new sibling and is a short drive away. She earned her black belt in tae kwon do when she was 13 years old, but could not continue past the age of 14 when she joined the high school marching band. Now that she is in college, and a member of the Pride of Oklahoma marching band, her fall is busy! She spends much of her time preparing for football games on top of her studies. Genna and her dad call or text each other almost daily. Both children enjoy skiing and traveling to new destinations with us as a family.

Meet Our Family

Jennifer’s parents live close by and can’t wait to lend a hand when the baby comes. Her mother only lives 10 minutes away and is retired. She has been a great grandmother to our children and can’t wait to have another baby to hold! She has a close relationship with our daughters. They often text back and forth! Her nickname is GK standing for “Grandma Kay”.

Jennifer’s father and his wife live less than an hour away, and are also delighted at the prospect of having another grandchild. They have big plans to teach our future child to fish and to cheer on the local university’s sports teams.

All of Doug’s family lives in the same town about 5 hours away. This makes it easy to go visit everyone at once. Jennifer has a close relationship with Doug’s family and adores her in-laws. Doug’s sister and her husband are also lawyers, so they all have a lot in common in that regard. Doug’s family is very open and welcoming not to mention a lot of fun!

One neat family note is that we have Irish members of our family. Jennifer’s father’s wife has a daughter who married a man from Ireland. His wife is of Irish descent herself. Jennifer’s Irish brother-in-law has family that visits routinely from Ireland. We have a standing invitation and are hoping to make a family trip to Ireland someday soon.

Our Thoughts On Parenting

We cannot wait to have a new member to join our family. We have learned a lot over the years in raising Doug’s daughters. Being experienced parents, we have a lot to offer, with patience being the key lesson we have learned. When our children were small, Doug was the coach for their soccer team. He was at every soccer game throughout the years. He is looking forward to being actively involved in sports again with our future child. Our house happens to be right across the street from the neighborhood tennis courts where the juniors play. Doug played high school tennis and would love to hit balls with our future child if he/she wants to.

Our Heartfelt Thank You

We truly hope this letter has been helpful to you as you make your decision. We would be so thrilled if you select us as adoptive parents and will be happy to share photos and letters as your child grows. Please know we are committed to this and will always strive to be the best parents possible!