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Christopher and Rose

Hello, Our names are Rose and Christopher. We have a 5 year old son named Paul who was conceived after a long struggle with infertility. We attempted infertility treatments 4 more times after Paul was born, but our attempts were unsuccessful. We always knew that we wanted more than one child and watching Paul grow has only strengthened our resolve to have another baby. We want our son to have a brother or sister and share that special bond that only siblings can share. We also can’t wait to become parents again! You can reach us toll free by calling 1-800-626-4324.

Why We Love Being Parents!

We love being parents for many reasons. Chris and I have always wanted children and we knew this about each other very quickly after we started dating. We have always loved children. They are funny, nonjudgmental, honest, and frankly, I have always loved spending time with them. Teaching a child and passing things onto them that are important to you, watching them learn new things and knowing you had something to do with that. What we have to offer a child is plenty of love, patience, our time, laughter and opportunities to grow up to be an independent, intelligent person who is free to pursue his/her own dreams. We will support their dreams in any way we can.

Our love for the child we hope to adopt will be just as strong and infinite as our love for Paul. If you decide we are the right family for your baby, he or she will become a member of our family who will be forever cherished and adored!

Our Careers

I (Rose) am a physician and Chris is my office manager. Our office is only a mile away from our home. My specialty is mainly office based and we have regular hours Monday through Thursday until 5pm. Chris has flexibility in his work hours and can work from home if needed. We do not work weekends. This has allowed us to enjoy spending time together as a family.

Our Home & Family

We live in New Jersey (by the Jersey shore) not too far from the beach. Our home is located in a family-oriented and safe neighborhood which we love. We live about an hour from my sister, parents and extended family. This allows us to spend holidays with family. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I have the whole family over and we cook and have a blast eating lots of food and laughing and watching the kids dancing and playing. Being with family is what makes us the happiest and it is our top priority in life.

Meet our adorable dog!

Caleb is a little Bichon Frise. He is a very sweet and loving affectionate dog. He loves people; especially kids! (Although he knows how to successfully avoid a toddler coming at him to pull his tail.) He loves to take walks, run around the yard and loves to lie cuddled next to you when you sleep. Caleb has always been a wonderful companion and we love him deeply as part of the family.

Hobbies & Interests

We love to travel. We went to Disney World last year and a cruise and we all had a great time making memories that will last forever. We love all kinds of music; rock, dance and hip-hop. Some of our favorite modern artists are Rhianna, Lady GaGa, Pitbull and Bruno Mars. Our favorite classics are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Billy Joel. I (Rose) love reading classic literature and I am a big Jane Austen fan. I am beginning to enjoy cooking and I love to collect and try out healthy recipes for my family to eat. Chris is very handy and learned carpentry while in college. We attend church regularly and are Catholic. Our faith is important to us as a family and it is what sustains us through difficult times.

Paul loves the Disney character Handy Manny and his tools, playing with his Thomas the Train & Friends and making train tracks. He loves dancing to the HOT Dog dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loves maps and has a United States of America puzzle that we enjoy putting together and learning the states and their capitals.

Our Parenting Philosophy

There are many ways to raise a child and we never would judge anyone’s approach. The most important thing is to us is spending time with a child; having fun and teaching him or her at the same time. Be engaged in what they like and listen to what they say. My son and I like to draw in our backyard with the sidewalk chalk and we also cook together and put puzzles together. We say our prayers every night and we read to him as often as he will let us. He wants to help Chris put a shed together. (That should be interesting. Ha!) We are firm and consistent with teaching our son respect, manners and how to behave. We believe in trying to instill healthy habits like eating good foods and getting enough sleep. We also believe that you should let kids be kids… If they want to play in dirt, it’s not going to hurt them. We aren’t overly rigid and provide structure, guidance and boundaries.

Thank you for considering us

In summary, we just want to reassure you that your baby will be loved and happy and want for nothing if he/she becomes a member of our family. It would be an honor to be chosen to become your baby’ s parents. We would be happy to share photos and updates with you if you wish to receive them.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family and our hopes & dreams of becoming parents again. If you would like to speak with us, please contact The Adoption Alliance at 1-800-626-4324. May God Bless you always!


Rose and Christopher
And hopeful future big brother, Paul!