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Bowen and Monica

Hello, we are Monica and Bowen from New York. Though we do not have kids, we have a small dog named Caju (which means cashew) and the three of us are excited to have a baby join our cozy family. We have individually spent decades developing our career through education, travel, books, and hobbies. As a couple, we love each other very much and are happily married. We have tried to have children but were not able to do so. We are excited and extremely hopeful to become parents through the miracle of adoption. Spending time with children brings us not only joy, but also deep contentment.


We have extensive and very close family and friend circles, so we spend a lot of time sharing meals and having fun with others. Otherwise, we enjoy reading, watching movies, exercising, and taking Caju on walks in the park next to our home.


You may be wondering what your child’s life will be like, and how we would raise her or him. The answer is that we are not perfect but will try our best. We commit to you to help your child excel at whatever it is they want to do. We will make your child feel safe and loved and have fun doing it. Your baby will be surrounded by family and friends from many walks of life, introduced to new experiences and perspectives, and taught to be a good citizen of the world with empathy and love towards others.


You may also be wondering about what role you will have in his or her life. In part that is up to you, and what you want. From our end we are very open to having you and your family be part of the child’s life, and part of our extended family. We would be forever thankful for the gift you provided us.


There’s so much more to say and we would be honored to hear more about you. We are looking forward to meeting, getting to know one another, and starting this new chapter together.



WHEN WE MET, WE QUICKLY LEARNED HOW MUCH WE ENJOYED EACH OTHER’S COMPANY. BOWEN’S SENSE OF HUMOR AND LAID-BACK PERSONA MATCHED WELL WITH MONICA’S OUTGOING AND FUN-LOVING ATTITUDE. We got married among 60 of our closest family and friends in a penthouse in Brooklyn and then began our married life together.


We are very happily married and enjoy spending time together and supporting and loving each other through life’s challenges. Some of our favorite activities include: taking road trips to New Jersey to see family and Washington D.C. to eat Ethiopian food and look at paintings in the Smithsonian. We also like to enjoy our town! Monica loves art-house and foreign films while Bowen loves Shakespeare plays. We both love eating spicy food and listening to live jazz.


But more than that, we love spending time at home together – cooking healthy meals at home, watching movies in our cozy living room, playing tug of war or catch with Caju, and just sitting side by side reading books. Most of our weekends are chill and peaceful where we spend time working on projects, reflecting on larger questions, and spending quality time together.



Bowen is an accomplished researcher, a seasoned writer (he has written one book and over fifty articles), and a voracious reader. He loves playing tennis (and all other racquet sports), watching baseball and football with his friends from childhood, practicing yoga, and trying to find the best slice of pizza in New York City. He is also an excellent cook and hobbyist computer programmer. His musical tastes range from jazz and old school hip-hop to Sinatra.


Beyond the hobbies, Bowen is a warm, empathetic, and compassionate human being who would be a strong role model for our child and someone to go to with any problem. He’s logical and calm during any crisis and thinks about all sides before making decisions.


At his core, Bowen is an every-day guy who loves watching football and baseball; cracking jokes with his family; and sharing a meal with friends (especially if that meal is pizza!).



kind to others, incredibly intelligent, funny, laid back, thinks about the small and

big picture

Monica enjoys reading fiction, cross-training at the gym, writing travel blogs, photography, film-making, and spending time with our doggie. She loves cooking for friends and family as well as hosting social events. Monica has made a couple of films including a documentary in Sierra Leone and a thriller about an artist and a mathematician.



Monica is very naturally nurturing and caring. She is most satisfied when she is helping others or making an impact in the world, whether it is through work or by volunteering in soup kitchens, baking cookies to brighten someone’s day, or helping family friends navigate the healthcare system.


She is incredibly excited about becoming a parent and looks forward to many hours of having adventures, exploring nature, inviting many stuffed animals for tea-parties, reading children’s books (over and over), and just having fun together as a family.



Positive attitude, aggressively optimistic, adventurous, fearless, warm and loving


(Monica also grew up in Houston,Texas!)



BOWEN is definitely the more introverted of the two of us and his favorite hobbies include: reading the paper while drinking coffee in the morning, reading books about the history and economics of science, watching baseball and football – particularly Boston teams, cooking Indian lentil soup called dal, and listening to jazz while eating Italian food at one of our neighborhood restaurants.


MONICA is more of an extrovert-meets-adventure-meets-creative type. She shifts between biking and skating (weather permitting), creating short movies about the city, taking photographs of food, and writing blogs about new experiences. She also loves meeting new people, having them over for a home-cooked meal, and swapping stories. On occasion, she and Caju join her God-Daughter, Leya and family, on long hikes in nearby mountains.



We absolutely love living in a large city with all it hasto offer families! We live in a large apartment in a peaceful neighborhood that is part of a large metropolis. Our building is surrounded by a university with beautiful architecture and two large green parks with many paths. The neighbors are young and old and come from many cultures. And there are many children in the neighborhood. And luckily, we live five-minutes away from the campus where we both work.


Our families are close by – in neighboring states. We have a car and take weekend trips to visit them on most weekends.

It’s a priority…. 1)we always eat dinner together

2)we take walks together daily

3)we spend time with family on holidays



We are part of a University community and will be able to provide our child with fantastic life opportunities and cultural experiences. In our building alone, we have many friends (some of whom Bowen has known since college). We are also friends with many kids in our building because they all love our doggie, Caju.


Your child would also be part of a large extended family.  We visit Bowen’s sister, brother-in-law, and their baby weekly. When there, we help bathe, change, and feed the baby. Bowen’s parents and uncle and aunt live on the same street so we see them often as well.


We both have many cousins who live in the same geographical area. Monica’s cousins, Goddaughter’s family (with three-kids), and many close friends also live close by. There are many kids in the extended family.


For all of these reasons we believe that we are well positioned to provide love, support, resources and guidance to help a child live a fulfilling life and achieve their full potential.



Our parenting philosophy includes: Spending ample quality time together, engaging in the world, prioritizing the baby’s relationships with others so that she/he has a network of people to love. We hope to surround your baby with adventure and culture through movies, travels, and reading. We plan to bring your child to adoptive family events and community events in our diverse neighborhood.


From Monica: my mother, who is now deceased, was a wonderful, caring, and loving human being. Every night, throughout my childhood – she was the last person I would see at the end of the day and then the first person I saw in the morning as she gently woke me. I was unknowingly being taught to love and be loved. I want to pass this love on to my children as well.


From Bowen: We are beyond excited to grow our family through the miracle of adoption. Your child would be among the luckiest people in the world to have Monica as their mother.



A CHILD WOULD BE A CENTRAL PART OF OUR LIVES AND OUR PRIORITY. A schedule with sleep, feeding, playtime, and outdoor-time would be built into the baby’s every day schedule with ample hugging and snuggling.


We completely embrace the concept of an open adoption so that our child is connected to his or her birthparents and biological history. We imagine this could mean correspondence, exchanging pictures, and invitations to special occasions. Of course, we would take into account your wishes in figuring out what kind of relationship makes the most sense.


Thank you for reading about us. No matter what path you take, we wish you happiness and peace always.