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Bill and Theresa

Hi! We’re Theresa and Bill! We’re sure you are overwhelmed (and maybe even scared) as you look at profile after profile of amazing people trying to determine who would be the best parents for your child. We understand this as it is overwhelming for us too. Even in trying to tell you everything you may want to know about us, there still is a part of all of this that is unknown. We admire your courage! And we are flattered that you’ve decided to consider us as the potential adoptive family for your baby!

So, why choose us?

First, we are a childless couple and we are super excited about becoming parents! We both come from family-oriented homes and want to continue that tradition. Both of our parents have been married almost 50 years and we each also have siblings who are happily married. Having both come from providing, supportive, and close families, we realized that we wanted to share those blessings with a child.

Although we’re in excellent health, we have been considering adoption for some time now. While giving birth to a child would be beautiful, so would sharing our home with another. In fact, Theresa can remember wanting to adopt more than 10 years ago, and Bill has tutored and coached little league in the community for many years even though he doesn’t work in education.

But why would we be good parents to your child?

In addition to wanting to share the warmth of our family, we have an unbelievable support network. Theresa’s uncle asks every time he sees her “how’s the adoption coming-y’all would be great parents!” Our best friend’s son who is only 13 asked “are Theresa and Billy gonna have kids? Billy would be a great dad!” When your family and friends-and even their children-compliment you on how you would be great parents that has to be an amazing sign.

A little bit about us:

• Theresa is from a small town in Louisiana and Bill is from a suburb of NYC.
• Theresa grew up Catholic and went to mass every Sunday followed by a large, traditional family dinner. We plan to extend that tradition with our family.
• Bill was raised Jewish and celebrated the major holidays.
• Although we will raise our children Catholic, we will continue to honor the major holidays of his upbringing together.
• Theresa was the first in her family to go to college where she attended LSU and received a degree in Business.
• Bill received a degree in Economics from The University at Albany (New York), where he also played Varsity football and baseball.
• After college, Bill moved to New Hampshire where he pursued and received a Master of Science in Environmental Science, ultimately settling in NYC after receiving a job offer.
• After college, Theresa traveled for work where she ultimately moved to NYC and met Bill playing co-ed recreational sports.
Our Hobbies

Jim’s interests and hobbies:
Exercising, Sports, Cooking, Daily Walks with our Dogs, Traveling, and Volunteering for the New Orleans Bulldog Rescue
Theresa’s interests and hobbies:
Traveling, Sports, Outdoor Activities, Daily Walks with our Dogs, Volunteering at my church food pantry
Our Home

• Wanting to live near family and loving the culture of the south, we settled in Louisiana about two years ago.
• Although Bill’s family is not nearby, we make it point to schedule travel each year to visit his family for special occasions.
• We both volunteer to support local organizations close to our hearts – Theresa at her church outreach/food pantry and Bill at the local animal shelter.
• We adopted 2 rescue dogs – Stella and Barnabas – who are both super friendly and would be a perfect “brother” and “sister” for a child. 
Thank you for considering us! We look forward to being able to create our own traditions and memories and share them with you through photos and letters as the child grows. Please contact The Adoption Alliance at 1-800-626-4324 to connect with us.

Bill & Theresa