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Andrew and Kirsten

Hello and Thank You! We are Kirsten & Andrew from Texas! From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We can’t even imagine how difficult this decision must be for you. We feel so much compassion and empathy for you. But we are so happy and thankful that you are considering us to be the parents of your child, and we hope that this profile helps you with your choice. It feels like saying thank you isn’t nearly enough, but thank you for your sacrifice. This is the most important gift that anyone could ever give us. We have so much respect and admiration for you as a mother for making this decision. We have desired to grow our family with a child for a long time. We cannot wait; this will be a dream come true for us. We are looking forward to creating a safe, emotionally supportive, loving and fun home where a child can learn and grow. We are a family that loves to laugh, have fun, spend time together, experience new things, and generally enjoy life together. We have lots of family – Grandma and Grandpa especially – who are so excited for us as well. We cannot wait to bring a child into this family of ours! You can reach us toll free by calling 1-800-626-4324.

Getting To Know Us:

We are best friends. We met after Andrew saw a pretty blonde girl walk into his church and had to introduce himself. We became friends first and eventually started dating. We dated off and on, but always remained really good friends. Even when just friends we would somehow end up hanging out and talking! Kirsten knew Andrew was her guy early on, and she likes to tease Andrew that it took him longer to realize that she was a catch! But he did realize it, and eventually proposed. We had the perfect outdoor summer wedding at a quaint bed and breakfast with our closest friends and family.
In our six and a half years of marriage we have fallen more and more in love. We have had our share of adversity too – including infertility – but it has only drawn us closer together and made us fall more in love. We love to spend time together doing all kinds of different things – exploring our city, being active, playing games, and hanging out with friends just to name a few.

Why Adoption Is Right For Us:

We have always been adoption minded. Andrew’s dad is a therapist who for a long time specialized in adoption. We have been talking about the possibility as long as we have been married, and we are excited at this chance to adopt!

A Little About Andrew By Kirsten

When I met Andrew I was immediately drawn to him. He was confident, funny and loud, but also caring, warm, and a good listener. One thing that I love is that he is a people person who is energized by people and getting to know them. He puts people at ease.

Andrew is the most positive person I know. Through challenges – illness, infertility, etc. – he doesn’t give up. He keeps going and keeps positive. He has a strong faith in God and is kind and patient.
He isn’t afraid to be silly, but underneath it all is a big teddy bear. He calls one of our nephews just to talk with him on the phone. He loves to talk sweetly to our animals and hold them. Basically any kid is drawn to him. He loves to teach children, whether it is how to ride a bike or teaching nieces and nephews origami.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Andrew loves his job! He makes apps for smartphones and loves to go to work everyday. He is passionate about his job, but always puts family first and makes it a priority to work normal hours so he can come home to be with the family. Work is not the most important thing!

A Little About Kirsten By Andrew

Kirsten has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I have the best life – I get to be loved by her every day! She supports me, encourages me, and loves me for who I am. And she laughs with me – making her laugh is one of the best things in my life.

Her love and care doesn’t stop with me. She cares for everyone, and in a deep and profound way that really cares for the whole person. She loves deep conversation and friendships. She is empathetic, relating to wherever people are at in their life, and offers great advice. She is exceptionally nurturing to children, no matter who they are. Kids love to talk to her!

She is also a creative. She is an amazing artist – I love her drawings and paintings. She is also super creative in the kitchen keeping me well fed. She is fun and l love being around her!

Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Kirsten works part time selling clothes online as well as volunteering. She’s really excited for her next career move: a stay at home mom! This has been a dream of hers for a long time. She was a nanny for 5 years with children ages 4 to 11 (including working with a beautiful special needs girl).

Our Home and Community

We love our home, and we love to fill it with family and friends, good food, games, and hanging out! We have plenty of space inside the house for children’s rooms and a play area. Outside we have a patio for relaxing and an enclosed back yard for fun activities.

Our neighborhood is very family-oriented with children of all ages. We are good friends with our neighbors and enjoy their company. We have a neighborhood swimming pool, lots of parks and trails nearby, and top rated schools.

Meet Our Pets

Meet our cats Nabisco and Mystra and our dog Keela! They are the three fluffy members of our house. They get along great with everyone, including kids!

Things We Love To Do

Andrew is proud of being nerdy! He likes to program apps and in his spare time, play video games, Origami, and teach science and technology to kids. He also likes biking, indoor rock climbing, trying new foods and restaurants, and making sushi.

Kirsten loves being creative. She draws and paints – Andrew hangs her paintings up for art. She reads a lot, especially loving classic literature. She is an avid cook, and loves cooking healthy, tasty meals and being creative in the kitchen. She also mentors a young girl with a local volunteer organization. Giving back is important to her.

Together we bike, take our dog to the dog park, kayak, go to local events and concerts, explore our city, try new restaurants, and even a little bit of nerdiness by playing video games together. Socializing with friends is also super important to us and one of our favorite things.

Meet The People We Love

Kirsten is from a large family – she is the youngest of 8! She is very close with her three sisters who live both in and out of state. Her family is very diverse, with half Filipino, Hispanic, African American, and Japanese in-laws, nieces and nephews. Her family is all so excited for us to grow our family with a child – our nieces and nephews ask when they are going to get a new cousin! Kirsten also has two best friends since Junior High School that live in a different state, but they catch up on the phone on a very regular basis, and they can’t wait to meet baby.

Andrew has one older sister and is very close with his parents who live out of state. His parents visit all the time and are dropping hints about even relocating with a child joining the family! Grandma has been ready for a grandchild for a while – this will be their first grandchild, so they will be spoiled! Andrew’s sister will be the fun aunt – she loves fashion and will make sure baby is adorably dressed! Andrew’s family is diverse as well, with half African American, Italian and Cuban family members.

Our Promises To You, Your Child Will Know:

Your child will know that you made the decision to place them in our home due to your love for them.

They are loved by us and by God.

There is nothing that they can ever do to change that.

They are unique and we want them to be the best that they can be. We will support and be involved in whatever they do.

We want to expose them to lots of experiences, activities, places and cultures and teach them the importance of caring for others and giving back to the community.

Mistakes and failures are okay – they are just opportunities to grow and learn!

We talk and work through things as a family. There is nothing that we can’t overcome if we work together.

We won’t force religion or spirituality on them, but we will raise them in a Christian home and hope they will choose it as their own. But we will love them no matter their choice.

We will create family traditions with them and share the ones we already have.

Our home will be safe, happy and be filled with lots of laughter and love!

A Special Message To You:

We want to thank you again for reading our profile. We hope that you got to know us and our quirky life a little better. We can’t wait to be a mom and dad and to be able to hold and love our baby. Having a child will make our family complete. We are so grateful for the love you are showing your child. Please know that you will be giving us the best gift that anyone could ever give and one that we could not have on our own. We would be happy to share pictures and letters with you so that you can see him/her grow over the years. We promise to love our child unconditionally and to provide the best home we can where they can be who they are meant to be. We can’t wait to be parents!