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Alex and Lara

Hello. We are Lara and Alex. It is a privilege to have you read our profile and learn more about us. We want to honor your courage by being open with you about our dream of building a family. We have been married for over four years, and are unable to have children due to medical impossibility. We have both dreamt of being parents for as long as we can remember, and would feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be parents to your baby. We want to let you know that we believe in unconditional love for children. We believe in raising a child in a non-judgmental and safe environment where the child can flourish and become whoever they are meant to be, guiding them with gentle authority and unwavering love. You can reach us toll free by calling 1-800-626-4324.

What Lara says about Alex
Alex is a gentle man with kind eyes and a comforting voice. While he has a serious side and is a hard worker and stable provider, he knows how to unwind with humor and laughter. He is both energetic and calm, being just as excited to play sports and kayak as he is to snuggle up with a good movie or book. Alex is a role model to Lara’s younger brother, who is 16, and loves playing with young children any chance he gets. He enjoys playing everything from basketball to board games, and also appreciates the importance of listening to children share their stories and troubles, helping them grow and learn. Alex works as a lawyer. Though he works hard in order to provide for his family, he always makes family time his number one priority. Alex will make an incredible dad.

What Alex says about Lara
Lara is kind, gracious, and generous. She radiates warmth, and every person who encounters her feels that energy. Lara loves children and will be a fun, supportive and nurturing mother who showers your baby with love and care. She helped raise her little brother, who is significantly younger than her, and he views her as a role model and a best friend. Lara also spent three years teaching chorus to young children as well as teenagers. Her students truly adored her, calling her “mom” and coming to her for serious advice about their everyday problems. Lara has a magical touch and seems to know exactly what a child needs in a given moment; whether a hug or a joke or just someone to listen. Lara is also a law school graduate and works as a family mediator in a family business with her mother. She plans to put anything necessary on hold in order to be at home with a baby. Lara loves to sing and play piano. When she takes a break from performing at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center to be at home with the baby, that baby is going to have some amazing lullabies to listen to!

Our Neighborhood
We live in a vibrant, diverse neighborhood that, while close to the bustling heart of the city, is close-knit and peaceful. Lara grew up here, and couldn’t wait to move back. Alex fell in love with the neighborhood himself shortly after meeting Lara. We live on a quiet, tree-lined block with many young families and children. There is a playground at the end of our street, along with many parks, restaurants, tennis courts, dance studios, music studios, art studios, cooking schools, and more. In the summer, we spend weekend days outside. We swim, eat burgers and lay in the sun by a local pool with family and friends. We frequent beautiful ocean beaches that are only a 30 minute drive away. We go to the Catskills and Poconos to hike, boat, and camp. We are proud of our neighborhood. We are active in local community centers, and enjoy local street fairs and parades. We plan to stay here for a long time.

In our free time, we try to take advantage of all that living in New York has to offer, including attending Broadway shows, hanging out in Times Square, picnicking in Central Park, and going to professional baseball and basketball games. Having both grown up in the area, we know New York is an exciting place for a child.

As a child, Lara loved to go to the boardwalks on Jones Beach and Coney Island, visit ancient ruins in the city’s many museums and gaze at exotic animals at the famous Bronx and Central Park Zoos. Alex went to major league baseball games, attended the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade each year and also loved to visit museums. We will give your child these same opportunities, and more. We plan to raise a child that is both “big city savvy” and “small community proud”!

Our Family
We are both close to our families. Both our sets of families live in the area and we gather together regularly to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. We don’t always need an excuse to get together and sometimes relatives swing by to share in some news or lend a helping hand around the home.

Lara’s parents and grandparents live within walking distance of our home. We often have family dinners, where we share stories about our week while enjoying delicious foods. Lara’s parents are a young, hard-working and fun-loving couple. They relate amazingly with children and know how to help with homework and play around as well. Lara’s younger brother, who is currently in high school, is responsible and comical, and will be a fun, young uncle. Lara’s doting grandparents often bring over home-cooked meals and inspire us with high culture and warm love.

Alex has a large extended family that lives nearby as well. Alex’s parents are excited for a grandchild. They look forward to spoiling their future grandchild with treats, toys and adventures. Alex’s parents live in a large house in the New York suburbs, where Alex grew up. Alex’s older brother is a doctor and is always available for instant advice. Alex is also very close with his grandparents, who love to share stories about the family. Alex has a large extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins that gather regularly on holidays and other special occasions. Both our sets of parents plan to be involved grandparents and play an active role in the child’s life. They will be present and available for whatever is needed and are excited to help a child find happiness, comfort and safety.

Our Plans for Your Baby
We will give a child unconditional love and provide a child with a stable, comfortable, and happy life. We have been blessed with a supportive family and have the resources and desire to give a child a loving and supportive home where the child’s needs will always come first.

In addition to all of the fun activities that we enjoy doing and will share with your child, we believe strongly in the importance of education. We will provide your child with a first-rate education so that the child will grow up and have every door open and every opportunity to thrive. We have both gone to terrific schools, from elementary through graduate school, and we want nothing less for a child.

Education is not limited to school and we believe that part of education means also partaking in the arts, music, sports and other social activities.

We also believe in the importance of instilling a strong moral foundation and imparting the values of faith, generosity, family, and selflessness. The child’s future will be one of strong character, inspiring education and, above all, happiness.

Thank you for considering us!
We fully support you in your quest to find the perfect home for your baby and hope that you consider us in your search. We would feel blessed to have the opportunity to welcome your baby into our home and look forward to sending you letters and photographs to share how your child is flourishing!

Please contact The Adoption Alliance at 1-800-626-4324 to if you would like to learn more about us or talk to us. We hope to hear from you!

Warm Regards,

Lara and Alex