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Frequently Asked Questions by Adoptive Parents

Why should we choose a private agency?

A private agency like the Adoption Alliance can provide a full range of adoption services to adoptive couples. We can locate, screen birth parents and provide adoption counseling for all parties. The Adoption Alliance can also oversee the prenatal care arrangements for the birth mother. We can manage all legal proceedings and make arrangements for relinquishment of the child.

Why types of adoptions are available to me?

The Adoption Alliance specializes in domestic adoption. A majority of our adoptions are semi‐open, but we strive to tailor all of our adoptions to the specific needs of all parties involved. For example, we can manage a fully open adoption if all parties agree to it.

How long is the average wait to adopt a child?

The average wait from the time the adoptive parents are approved is approximately 12 months, but this can vary greatly depending upon the preferences of the adoptive couple. An adoptive couple can decrease their waiting period by being flexible and open to different situations such as race of the child, prenatal exposure to alcohol or drugs, etc. Please discuss your preferences and comfort level with the staff at the Adoption Alliance.

What if I do not need all‐inclusive adoption services?

For adoptive couples who do not require a full range of services, the Adoption Alliance is available to provide specific services necessary to complete a successful adoption.

We do not live in Texas, why would we choose an out‐of‐state agency?

There are numerous advantages to working with a Texas agency. Texas does not have residency requirements for either birth parents or adoptive parents. Agency relinquishment documents are irrevocable. Living expenses, which can help a birth mother in need through her pregnancy, are allowable through the agency. Please call for a more detailed explanation.

Do the adoptive parents have to talk to and meet the birth parents?

In most cases, the birth parents do want to talk to the adoptive parents during the pregnancy and many want to meet with them. The agency primarily does “semi‐open” adoptions which means that identifying information is not shared with the birth parents. The birth parents will know the adoptive parents’ first names and the state in which they reside, but NOT their last names or the city in which they reside. Semi‐open adoptions do not include visits between the birth parents and child once the child has been placed in the adoptive parents’ home. Once the child is placed with the adoptive parents, they can send pictures and letters for the birth parents through the agency. This is done once a month for the first six months and annually on the child’s birth date.

What do the adoptive parents need to do to get started?

Get started by making a call to the knowledgeable staff at the Adoption Alliance. We can walk you through the adoption process, step by step.

What are the birth parent relinquishment laws?

The birth mother cannot sign a relinquishment document until 48 hours after the birth in Texas, but this will differ from state to state. The adoptive parents are responsible for the funds which have already been expended, but they do not lose the entire agency fee. The agency cannot legally make the birth parents repay any of the support they had been given. The adoptive parent’s profile will be shown to new birth parents and another match will be made in the future.

What is the adoption law related to absent birth fathers in your state?

We must address a birth father’s parental rights and specific methods will be addressed on a case by case basis. There are specific procedures established to ensure a legal adoption is possible in situations where a birthfather is unknown or unavailable. You may wish to consult an adoption attorney with specific questions.

Will the adoptive parents receive prenatal records during the pregnancy?

The agency will request prenatal records and forward them to the adoptive parents.

How long is the Home Study valid in Texas?

In Texas, the home study needs to be updated every twelve months. Please speak with your caseworker so he/she can advise you accordingly.

What happens if we turn down a case opportunity?

We will continue showing your profile just as before. Remember the birth parents select the adoptive parents; we do not use a list system. All of the adoptive parents are shown when appropriate, per the birth parents preferences.

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