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Adoptive Parent Testimonials

“We found the Adoption Alliance through a match facilitated by our local agency. After a previous failed match, we were a little jaded by our experience with placement agencies. We were very happy to learn that not all agencies are the same. Adoption Alliance exceeded our expectations. Natalie, our case worker, was very responsive, positive, and patient. She was very sweet to both of us and the birth mother to whom we were matched. The three weeks that we were in state, Natalie was extremely easy to get in touch with and responded in a very timely manner. We never felt alone. We feel very blessed to have had that amazing experience which was in large part due to the great support we got from Natalie and Adoption Alliance.”

– Chris and Amy, 2014

“We absolutely recommend Adoption Alliance. The process of adoption can be extremely challenging, and we always felt the agency helped and supported us from the very beginning. The staff were always available to answer questions and respond to any of our concerns before, during and after finding our baby girl. We are so thankful we chose this agency. They worked so hard for all parties involved, and we cannot thank them enough.”

– Erin and Jake, 2014

“It seems as though a “mere” thank you cannot convey my gratitude toward Adoption Alliance. I knew that the second I came in contact with Stacie that Adoption Alliance would fulfill my dream of becoming a mom. Stacie, Yolanda, and Natalie were wonderful and quite supportive on my adoption journey. My journey had its “ups” and “downs”, but the staff always offered their support and allowed me to keep believing in my dream. I worked mostly with Yolanda and can describe her as caring, compassionate, honest, sympathetic, professional, non-judgmental, knowledgeable, and sweet. Whenever I needed to speak with Yolanda, she was readily available. I never felt rushed when having a conversation with her, and Yolanda always lovingly guided me and offered words of advice. I will use Adoption Alliance again and would recommend this site wholeheartedly. I have adopted a beautiful baby boy in March 2014. I have found my missing piece thanks to Adoption Alliance.”

– Lorraine, 2014

“The greatest thing that could have ever happened to our family was being referred to the Adoption Alliance. Throughout the entire process of our adoption journey, the Adoption Alliance was there to help us with everything we needed. All of our questions were always answered and we always felt so comfortable communicating with Stacie and the other staff members. We can’t recommend the Adoption Alliance highly enough for the adoption of a domestic newborn. Although the adoption process seems overwhelming, the Adoption Alliance made it easy to understand all of the steps and did a wonderful job of communicating to us everything we needed to know. Yolanda, our case worker, went above and beyond and worked through the Easter holiday weekend to finalize the paperwork for our adoption. She celebrated with us when we were matched and helped us immensely with everything we needed to know as we traveled out of state to adopt our baby. The Adoption Alliance is an agency that understands all the emotions and fears that can be part of beginning of the adoption process and never made us feel bad about asking them about anything. They are also incredibly affordable compared to many of the other domestic agencies that we looked into. In our case, we only waited eight weeks until we were matched with a beautiful newborn baby. They worked with us every step of the way to ensure we had the best chance of finding a match. We would recommend the Adoption Alliance to anyone who is seeking to grow their family through the adoption process. You guys are our HEROES. We are so blessed to have used the Adoption Alliance as our agency!”

– Mitchell and Rebecca, 2014

“The staff at Adoption Alliance was very helpful during our recent adoption. Yolanda and Justin answered all our questions and served as a valuable resource during this stressful process. We appreciate their help and cannot imagine going through this without their expertise.”

– Colby, 2014

“Good things come to those who wait, is how the saying goes. This could not be more true for my family. My husband Rob and I always talked about having a family, including adoption. After a three year battle with infertility, we finally began the adoption process. During the waiting period, which was only 11 months from approval, we were a bit impatient and questioning if our profile was okay. We hoped for an instantaneous response which is extremely unrealistic. When we had rational moments, we realized that the right baby will come when the time was right. Some things are beyond ones control and when we realized that it made it easier. I will say though, the staff at the Adoption Alliance made the waiting easier. Stacie always was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to answer any and all our questions. My husband and I strongly feel our little princess was sent to us. The realization of another holiday season without a child was heartbreaking. Then, on November 10 at 3:30 in the afternoon we received a phone call from Stacie. I cannot express the excitement we felt, there are no words. The best part was, we didn’t have to wait—our daughter was already born and was only six days old. We were shaking and ready to book or trip to Texas to meet our little miracle. When we arrived at the hospital, we could not wait to meet the baby. We were shaking until we arrived at the nursery. So many questions raced through our mind and then the world stopped when we met our daughter. We scooped her up and the rest is history! Everything just felt right when we held her. There were no more questions. She was the answer. Within a minute we named her “Isabella”; our beautiful baby girl, Belle. We promised her that she would be the most loved baby in the world and could not wait for her to meet her new family and friends back home. Adoption is a process well worth the effort and wait. Our family wishes success to all who have embarked on this worth-while journey.”

– RoseAnn

“As I write, I am sitting with my new daughter, Violet, who came to us just one month ago through the Adoption Alliance. We started looking into adoption seriously about a year and a half ago. By November of 2008, all of our paperwork and home study had been completed, which was the easy part. The hard part was the wait. By the next September, I got a call from the Agency that there was a birth mother that chose us. I spoke with the birth mother a few times but we would email each other every week and we grew close. We planned to get to Texas for the birth, but the baby made an early appearance. After a long and emotional year, this was it. We flew to Texas and got to the hospital. The birth mother handed me this sweet baby with a whole head of hair and said, “here is your baby.” At that moment, my life had changed. It was very hard to leave the birth mother after the bond we developed, but it was time. I think about her often and hope to see her again when our daughter is grown. My experience with the agency was positive – even in tough times, they were there every single step. This year, we had a house full of family for Thanksgiving. When we went around the table to give thanks for three things, we all started with Violet.”

– Erika

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