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The city of Waco is situated in Texas between Austin and Dallas. It is home to the Cameron Park Zoo, several museums and beautiful Lake Waco. Covering an area of just 95.5 square miles Waco has a population of 134,432 inhabitants. It is the 22nd most populous city in the country.


The majority of the population of Waco is under the age of 44, 70.7% and the population is on a steady increase. 60.78% of the population of Waco are white, around 26.3% of whom are Hispanic or Latino, 22.65 African American and 1.38% Asian.


If you are not sure whether you are fully decided on adoption, then the below resources may prove useful:

  • Care Net Pregnancy Center = (254) 772-8270
  • Waco Center for Women’s Health = (254) 772-5454
  • Nurse-Family Partnership – (254) 202-1130


The state of Texas dictates that both the birth mother and father need to relinquish their parental rights. There is a waiting period of 48 hours after the birth of a child before a mother is allowed to give consent for adoption.

What adoption laws apply in the Waco area?

Waco is located in Texas and as such the State laws of Texas determine the child adoption laws for Waco. If you are looking to place your child up for adoption and are thinking “is there an Adoption Agency Near Me in Waco” Adoption Alliance can help.

What is the difference between an open and closed adoption in Waco?

An open adoption affords both parties, biological and adoptive parents, the chance to meet. It also gives birth parents the chance to choose the adoptive family they prefer. Closed adoption on the other hand means that the birth parents do not meet prospective adoptive parents, and nor will they know who has adopted their child.

What should I do if I’m thinking about placing my child for adoption in Waco?

An adoption professional will be able to work with you ensuring that you fully understand the adoption process and if you need it help you to access counselling.

Is it hard to find adoptive parents in Waco for my child?

If you live in Waco, we can help you find a “Waco adoption agency near me”. There are many families just waiting for the chance to adopt a child.

How much does it cost to place my child for adoption in Waco?

At Adoption Alliance we are here to help support you with the adoption of your child, we will not charge you. We can assist you with living expenses and other costs such as transport and medical and legal bills.

Is it possible to withdraw consent?

Birth parents can withdraw consent within 10 days of executing the initial consent. After this time the consent is irrevocable.

How difficult is it to find adoptive parents in Houston for my child?

Finding adoptive parents for your child with the help of Adoption Alliance can be an easier process than trying to find parents by yourself, and all prospective parents are screened carefully so that you can find the best home for your child.

Do you offer support and guidance during the adoption process for Houston residents?

Yes. Adoption Alliance offer support, guidance, and resources throughout the entire adoption process in Texas. With all birth parents, we recommend scheduling a meeting with our staff as the first step. You can get started by filling out the form above or clicking here to contact us.

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